Maternity Photography: Comfort and Beauty

Maternity photography is quickly becoming popular in our culture, to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy. To do this, the bare naked stomach of the mother to be is shown. This could also include topless photos that have the subject covering her breasts with her hands. You need to keep in mind that she is most likely not a professional model and may not have even posed in front of a camera before. You need to make her feel comfortable in every way possible.

Dressing Room

The most important thing you can do is give her privacy. Shooting may get overwhelming for her at times, and this will be her sanctuary to retreat and collect her thoughts. This will also be where she'll get her hair and make up done.

Clear the Set

Because there will most likely be some nudity with a subject who is not a pro, you want to clear of all non essential crew. Ideally, it will just be the photographer, subject and her husband. This will help her feel more comfortable with you.

Show Them Some Shots

To make the subject feel comfortable about her beauty, show her a few of the shots you took and make sure you complement how she looks. You're job is to make her beautiful, so show her how you're doing it. This is your opportunity to squash any remaining insecurities she may have and turn those feelings into confidence.

Have Refreshments and Food

You definitely want to have a variety of cold drinks on hand: waters, soda, diet soda and iced tea. The more variety you have, the more they'll appreciate it.

Have the Proofs Quickly

The album might take some time to make, but that does not mean you shouldn't show the clients what you shot. E mail the proofs or have them come back to select what they like. Make them eager to get their album, because they know it will look great.

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