Making Modern Wedding Photography for Cheap

Modern wedding photography does not have to be an expensive fare. Instead of hiring an expensive photographer, recruit friends and family to capture that special moment. Then, you just need to do some cropping and editing to make those photos really memorable.

Step 1: Scout out Your Acquaintances

The first thing that you want to do is determine whether or not any of your friends or family have any photography experience. You’d be surprised how many people that you know actually know how to use a camera.

Send out an email or Facebook message with a request. You may already have a photographer in the family.

Step 2: Use a Wedding Photographer for Staged Pictures

Many wedding photographers charge for the entire wedding, which is where you get into the hundreds or thousands of dollars. But, you can have the photographer just take certain pictures. For example, do some staged photographs way before the wedding, which you can use for the announcements and invitations.

You can, however, take these pictures with your cake, at the altar or at outside scenes. These will give the traditional wedding pictures without the expense.

Step 3: Recruit Your Friends and Family

Tell your friends and family to take many pictures the day of the wedding. Oftentimes, it’s not the staged, traditional photos that make the best moments. It’s the random ones. So, let your friends and family be the official wedding photographers.

With so many people taking pictures, you’re bound to get more than a few that are worthwhile. And, these will all be free!

Step 4: Invest in a Good Photo Editor

After your wedding, get a good photo editor that will allow you to add effects and feathers to your pictures. You can also crop some of the pictures so that they only focus on the bride and groom. You can also convert some to black and white like traditional wedding photographs.

Adobe Photoshop is really expensive, but Adobe Photoshop Elements is usually less than $100. It will allow you to tweak and transform all of your wedding pictures.