Making Large Photos Prints at Home

Making large photo prints was once considered an impossibly expensive task that could only be made through print companies. Much has changed since that era; now it is possible to create large prints of your photos through your computer. Here is how you can make large photo prints of your digital pictures at home.

Picture Properties

There are some inherent picture properties that need to be adhered to when undertaking the task of creating large photo prints. The most important aspect is the picture’s resolution. The higher the resolution, the larger the prints you will be able to make without compromising on the quality of the pictures you have chosen. Below is a table describing the resolution and the size of the prints that can be made with them without distorting the image quality of your pictures:

  1. 1260 x 990 – 11” x 14”
  2. 1620 x 1080 – 12” x 18”
  3. 1800 x 1440 – 16” x 20”
  4. 2700 x 1800 – 20” x 30”

In essence, the higher the number of pixels, the bigger the print you can make. You must choose these pixel settings on your digital camera before taking the picture if you want to print large. There are two ways that you can print this image file, either by using a digital printer capable of printing large prints or by transferring your image to a website that can enlarge it.

Using a Printer

In case you are planning to use a home printer, you need to first make sure it is capable of printing large photo prints. If so, then in the Advance tab of your printer’s properties, look for the Poster printing settings to choose how you wish to print your picture. A standard home printer is not capable of printing large photos in one go, however, all modern printers come with the ability to print large size pictures by dividing them into multiple pages that can be assembled together like a giant puzzle once they have all been printed.

You can choose the number of pages (or tiles) you wish your large print to be divided into by selecting the number of sheets you wish your picture to come out on. Depending on how big you wish to print your picture, they can come on 4, 9, 16 and 25 sheets. Once they are printed, it is a simple matter to assemble them either as single piece or as a multiple display to decorate the walls of your home.

Using a Website

In case you don’t have a printer at home, there are a lot of websites online that offer you the service of printing a large photo print of your pictures. Once decided which of these websites you wish to print your picture through, they will charge you a printing fee (starting at around $10 and increasing with print size) and will deliver the finished print straight to your home once it is done.