Making a Nude Photography Set

Making a nude photography set can be a difficult process. Not only do you need to have the right kind of tools, you will also need the perfect surrounding for your models. Below are some tips on how to make the perfect nude photography set.

Step 1: Providing the Perfect Surrounding

Nude photography is not easy to do, especially for models. For this reason, you need to provide models with a sense of privacy in their surroundings. Surround the set with furniture that you think would best fit your models. Once this is done, you need to ensure that your studio is clean and warm. You can also add heaters, as this will make the location more acceptable to the model. Making your models comfortable before, during and after the shooting session will put them at ease.

Step 2: Making Use of Lights

Lights are very important, especially in nude photography. Most people prefer strobe lights for nude photography, but it is advisable that you use mono lights and soft boxes. Both mono and soft boxes are able to provide a warmer surrounding, which will make the nude models more comfortable.

Step 3: Setting up the Camera and Directing Positions

Most nude photographers set their camera in manual mode. This allows the photographer to have total control of his shots.

When directing positions to the models, you should refrain from touching them. Instead, ask them to do things verbally. You should also never use a very commanding voice, as this will place the models in an awkward situation.