Making a Digiscoping Adapter at Home

As a digiscoping adapter does not have any optics, it can easily be made at home. It has to be sturdy, as it will hold the camera in place over the spotting-scope's eyepiece. Here are simple steps by which you can build your digiscoping adapter from commonly available objects.

Step 1: Gather Materials

A plastic bottle, preferably 1 liter soda bottle, circular rubber piece, clamp and tape are the materials you will require.

Step 2: Cut the Bottle

From the center of a thick soda bottle, saw a cylindrical piece about three inches wide. Cut one end of it so that now it is a strip.

Step 3: Tape the Plastic

Wrap the plastic strip around the eye piece so that you have the exact cylindrical size which fits snugly over it. Now holding the shape, remove it from the eyepiece and wrap tape around it. Saw off a little of the ends to make them even and smooth.

Step 4: Fix the Rubber Piece

Inside one end of the plastic tube you have just created, place a circular thick rubber piece which will hold the camera lens. This rubber piece is used as a fill for the circumference of your camera lens so that it is held securely in the tube. Once you are sure of the size, glue the rubber piece inside your plastic tube.

Step 5: Fix the Clamp

Fix a hose clamp around the tube and place a paper clip in between the clamp and tube so that you can fix a rubber band on it. When you mount your camera in the tube, you can take this rubber band around the body of your camera to hold it securely in place. Now your digiscoping adapter is ready.