Industrial Photography: Picking Landscapes

Only a photographer could see the real beauty in industrial photography. The environment and landscape can dominate urban areas and many people come in contact with it on a daily basis, whether it is to work there or just drive by it on their way to work. Once you look at the world of industry through photographers eyes, you begin to see the unique beauty that these landscapes hold.


Industrial buildings can reflect a lost and long ago forgotten about time when factories were largely decorated with details and fine architecture. When entering the world of industrial photography, take another look at these great, inspiring buildings.


Like sculpture against the skyline, cranes look like strong giants that are ready to devour the whole landscape. Cranes used for construction can be seen in so many styles, sizes and various colors that they just beg to be photographed. There are few industrial items that are quite as graceful as the cranes


Machinery covers the industrial landscape with intricate shapes and sizes. There are so many unique textures, patterns and colors that creating photos will contrast is almost too easy. To capture the best contrast, the secret is to get as close as possible. On a day that is gray and overcast, if you are photographing machinery that is of a dark or black metal, a black and white photograph will convey the contrast and coolness of the scene.


One of the most beautiful subjects of the industrial photography world is a pylon. The way that these enormous structures stand out in contrast with the sky makes them beautiful in their own right.