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Capturing the Formality of Senior High School Portraits

Senior high school portraits are typically more formal than other types of school portraits. These portraits are designed to bring back memories of the journey the student had during their high school years. They also...[more]

Using Close-Up Lenses for Macro Photography

One alternative to buying a macro lens is the less financially cumbersome close-up lense. Close-up lenses are basically magnifying glasses that you attach to your normal lenses in order to capture a more detailed image....[more]

Simulating Macro with a Normal Lens

Without investing in a macro lens, you can attempt to shoot a macro shot with a normal lens. This can prove to be difficult because of the physical shortcomings of normal lenses, but it...[more]

How To Use Complementary Colors to Create a Focal Point

When creating a photograph you will want to make a focal point for the image. The focal point will make your photograph look much more interesting and appealing to anyone looking at it. Choosing complementary...[more]

Christmas Photography: Find One Focal Point

If you are looking forward to taking the annual Christmas photography shoot, then you should be preparing to improve the quality of your pictures. One way to do this is to find the focal point...[more]

How to Find and Acquire School Portrait Customers

The fans of the traditional school portrait are a dwindling minority, but resourceful and creative photographers can still find school portrait customers, and keep them coming back year after year.Offer a FreebieOne of the best...[more]

Optimizing Your School Portrait Photography Workflow

Any photographer will need to learn how to optimize their photography workflow so that they have enough money coming in. In the school portrait industry, the work will normally be seasonal. This means that it's...[more]

Rejecting School Portraits in Favor of Your Own

Companies that provide school portraits have recently created a fairly new tactic to sell their prints. They will send the entire package of prints home with your child, even if you haven't ordered them. Problems...[more]

The Importance of Color and White Balance for Rainforest Photos

Rainforest photos look beautiful, as this land is a cradle for thousands of different plant species to grow. This presents areas that are highly saturated in many different colors--the right recipe for beautiful photos. But,...[more]

4 Safety Tips for Taking Baby Animal Pictures

The safety concerns for baby animal pictures vary based on the animal you are shooting. Taking photos of a puppy is a lot different than taking photos of a wild bob cat cub. Here are...[more]

Where To Find Wildlife Photography Courses

There are a lot of options out there for wildlife photography courses. Courses are great for all photographers to take from time to time, because they introduce you to different ways of approaching the craft...[more]

6 Camouflage Ideas for Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography requires you to be a silent observer. Most animals are scared of humans, and if they know you're in the area, then they will go out of their way to avoid you. You...[more]

Effects of Various Exposure Lengths on Macro Photography

Various exposure lengths have more of an effect on macro photography than other types of pictures.  Because everything is microscopic, several trends can happen as you change your shutter speed. Though there are many reasons...[more]

Getting Precision Focus in Macro Photography

Part of what makes macro photography so difficult is setting the focus.  The subjects in macro photography are so small that you end up having to place the camera extremely close to them.  As per...[more]

Ten Cute Prop Ideas for Pet Portraits

Some owners love their pets just like children, and want to treat them that way. Because of this, pet portraits are becoming increasingly popular in the world of photography, with a few professionals maintaining a...[more]

Using Macro Mode to Photograph a Spider's Web

Spider webs make beautiful subjects for macro photography.  Luckily, they do not move much, so you can take your time setting up a good shot.  Photographing a spider's web can best be accomplished in macro mode. ...[more]

Six Fun Ideas for Smoke Photography

Smoke photography is very abstract and produces interesting images. The fun thing about smoke photography is that you can control the lighting, background, and source, but not the shape. The shape of smoke is constantly...[more]

6 Tips for Taking Adorable Baby Animal Pictures

Baby animal pictures have a tendency to melt peoples' heart. No matter what the species, most people find baby animals to be extremely cute. Here are 6 tips for taking adorable baby animal pictures: 1....[more]

Halloween Photography: Shooting in Low Light

Taking Halloween photographs is a great way to celebrate this exciting festival, but you may have some problems due to the lack of light around some areas. If you don't have a good lighting system,...[more]

How To Avoid Shutter Lag

Shutter lag is something that can be very frustrating when you are trying to get an "in the moment" shot. Shutter lag is basically the delay that happens between the time when the shutter is...[more]

Optimal Camera Settings for School Portraits

Choosing the right camera options will help you get the most from your home taken school portraits. The wrong settings will cause the photos to turn out less than desirable. Taking your child's school portraits...[more]

Traditional Features of High School Portraits

High school portraits are typically more formal than elementary school photos. The basics are pretty much the same across the board. Here are a few things to note about traditional high school pictures. Backgrounds A...[more]

How to Take Fantastic School Portraits

Buying school portraits every year can become expensive. Most people don't realize that you can take these portraits on your own with some basic equipment and know how. Here is what you should know about...[more]

Getting a Great Performance from School Portait Subjects

Getting great performance in school photos can be challenging. Younger children are fidgety and can't sit still for long. Older kids feel they have better things to do, and are often self conscious. Even for...[more]

How Much to Charge for Maternity Photography

The cost of maternity photography is not something which can be set in stone, as expectant mothers may have a range of desires which are difficult to fit together. They may want, for example, to...[more]

The Best Way to Take Photographs of Birds

Photographs of birds can be very difficult to capture properly, which is why you you must spend time learning the skills required to photograph birds properly. When photographing birds, there are a number of steps...[more]

How to Select a Camera for Digital Graduation Photos

Graduation ceremonies are important events to document through photography. With the right digital camera, your graduation photos can produce professional looking results. The following are key considerations when selecting the right camera with which to...[more]

How To Achieve a Great Sunrise Photo

Getting the perfect sunrise photo requires a lot more than just getting up early. Determining the right exposure by using the correct ISO setting, aperture and shutter speed can be quite tricky. During sunrise, the...[more]

How To Do Bird Photography From Your Home

You don't need to go out in the middle of no where to shoot bird photography. Birds are everywhere, even in cities. And since they migrate, there are times during the spring and fall that...[more]

Where To Find a Wildlife Photography Tour

Wildlife photography is a special niche that requires a lot of research, planning and traveling. But now, there are a lot of companies emerging over the Internet that offer wildlife and nature photography group tours,...[more]

Finding a Bounce Angle for an On Camera Flash

An on camera flash can pose some challenges when it comes to finding the perfect lighting. You can avoid being disappointed with your pictures by understanding how to bounce your flash at an angle for...[more]

4 Tips for Preparing Venues for School Portraits

School portraits can be very stressful and overwhelming, unless you are able to prepare for them. While it can be impossible to be fully prepared, there are a few things that you will need to...[more]

7 Christmas Card Photo Ideas for Pets

Choosing your pet as the subject of your family Christmas card photo is a popular trend. Taking photos of your pet can be a challenge, so choose an environment that is comfortable for the pet,...[more]

3 Ways to Make School Portraits More Artistic

Making portraits artistic can be a simple thing to do, as long as you know what to focus on. You don't have spend hundreds of dollars to capture some great school photos. Whether it's your...[more]

6 Amazing Places to Take Wildlife Pictures

Wildlife pictures consist of animals in their natural habitats. You don't have to go into the middle of nowhere to grab some nice photos. You can do it virtually anywhere. Whether you live in the...[more]

Wildlife Photography: 3 Reasons a Small Camera Is Best

When choosing a camera for wildlife photography, you need it to meet these requirements: it needs to capture high resolution images in amazing colors, while having the ability to swap lenses. Once you found a...[more]

Wildlife Photography Equipment: 5 Essentials

Shooting wildlife photography is like going camping; you spend a lot of time and effort traveling away from civilization just to be alone with the wilderness. Because it's based upon naturalism, the wildlife photography equipment...[more]

Wildlife Photography: 6 Safety Tips

Shooting wildlife photography requires you to get far away from civilization. You need to put yourself in a situation where it's just you, the camera and mother nature. It's almost like going camping. Because you...[more]

Shooting Macro Shots In an Aquarium

Aquariums are interesting places to shoot macro photography. As with all macro photography, this will take a little extra care and attention in order to get interesting shots. Step 1: Check the Rules In order...[more]

Take Birthday Photos fom a Childs Perspective

There are photography techniques to follow when taking birthday photos from a child's perspective. A key technique is to take photos at the eye level of a child. If photos are taken from an adult...[more]

Pet Photos: 5 Tips for Photographing Your Fish

Fish make visually interesting pet photos. Even a one dollar goldfish looks pretty cool swimming around, especially when a photograph is taken of it at close range. Here are 5 tips to help you get...[more]

Animal Photography: 6 Things to Avoid

You can't give animals direction; you can only guide and trick them into getting what you want. Here are 6 things to avoid when working in animal photography. 1. Not Giving Yourself enough Time Don't...[more]

Calibrating White Balance for Macro Photos

Macro photos are often so tight that your auto white balance will not be able to make sense of itself. Therefore, you may need to compensate manually. Examine Your Setup Make sure that the area...[more]

How To Photograph Art

Learning how to photograph art is very different than taking photographs of people, but it's something that you should spend time learning how to do. Art may not be as awkward as photographing some of...[more]

Choosing Backgrounds for School Portraits

The different backgrounds school portraits are available in are numerous. The school portrait is designed to showcase a child's personality and serve as a reminder of their growing years. The background you choose for school...[more]

How To Photograph Fire

Learning how to photograph fire can be very complicated because it's tricky to take the photo properly so that it's not too dark. The idea of taking a photograph of fire does seem very simple...[more]

Tips for Taking Grade School Graduation Photos

Elementary school graduation photos mark a child's progress through his early school years. To capture these important events, make sure that your digital camera has fresh batteries and your memory card size will be suitable...[more]

Using Burst Mode for Opening Presents

Burst mode, also called continuous shoot mode, is an image capture method where you take photos one after another without changing settings or angle. Most of the newer digital cameras will offer some form of burst mode....[more]

How to Photograph Fireworks

Celebrations of major holidays or special occasions, such as weddings, are occasions where you can photograph fireworks. It can be a challenge to do these photos; however, you can achieve professional results by following the...[more]

Why Standard Lenses Can't Use Macro Focal Ranges

Macro lenses exist because standard lenses cannot enter macro focal ranges. This predicament is due to a physical impossibility in the structure of a standard lens. Moving Glass In a standard lens, each glass element...[more]