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How To Diffuse Your Flash with Tissue Paper

A camera flash is a useful way to take photos when the light conditions aren't perfect. This means that you will be able to take photographs even if there isn't enough light in the room....[more]

Understanding Shutter Priority Modes on Digital Cameras

Semi-manual modes, such as shutter priority mode, allow the photographer to control a single camera setting while the camera makes any other necessary adjustments. In the case of shutter priority mode, the photographer sets the...[more]

Underwater Photography: Tips for Using Different Photo Lens

Picking the correct photo lens for underwater photography can be a challenging task. The most popular underwater camera lenses are prime lenses, zoom lenses, wide angle lenses, telephoto lenses, mid-range lenses, fisheye lenses and macro...[more]

4 Must Have Underwater Camera Features

An underwater camera makes it possible to take photos in any condition including shooting underwater. When choosing underwater cameras there are a number of things that you will need to consider. By thinking about these...[more]

Subtly Using Photo Props in School Portraits

Photo props can make regular school pictures stand out. You will want to make sure that the prop itself is not too cliché or cheesy. Make sure that it is something that is age appropriate...[more]

Shutter Speed Tips for Beginner Underwater Photography

When taking underwater photographs, it is a must to know what shutter speed is. Basically, shutter speed affects the amount of ambient light entering the camera. If you are using a strobe light when taking...[more]

What To Look For in a Pet Photographer

A pet photographer takes a special kind of person. There are several things that you will need to look into whenever you are choosing the right one for you. You will need to do your homework and...[more]

5 Wedding Reception Video Ideas

Every bride wants her wedding reception video to be as wonderful and memorable as the reception was itself. The reception is a gift from the bride and groom to all of their attendees, as well as...[more]

5 Tips For Indoor Home Movies

Capturing treasured moments on home movies within your household is a priceless experience. However, all too often, the quality of your unforgettable moments will be sub par due to various factors. By following the tips...[more]

5 Tips for Filming an Outdoor Wedding

Shooting an outdoor wedding is a lot harder than shooting an indoor one. The reason why is because you're dependent on the weather. Usually a bride having an outdoor wedding wants a sunny day or...[more]

5 Tips For Outdoor Home Movies

A popular way to preserve your family's memories is through home movies. By following some of the following shooting tips, you can easily make entertaining home movies. 1. Outdoor Light Considerations Considering the weather and...[more]

6 Basic Wedding Filming Tips

Wedding filming is not as easy as people try to make it out to be. It requires the videographer to be focused and alert for a few hours. There shouldn't be any detail on that...[more]

Pros and Cons of Macro Zoom Lenses

Macro photography refers to close up images of small objects where the size of the image is approximately the same as it is in real life. Macro photography is achieved with macro lenses. These allow...[more]

How To Use Color Historgrams on your DSLR

There are multiple histograms available for digital SLRs. Beyond providing information on the luminosity in your photo, they can also evaluate color data. Step 1 - Histogram basics Before you can start understanding color histograms, you need...[more]

Ocean Photography: How To Photograph Translucent Creatures

One of the most difficult things to do in ocean photography is to photograph translucent creatures. Unlike their fellow sea creatures, they have a translucent, see-through body. However, given enough perseverance and the right equipment,...[more]

Ocean Photography: How To Photograph Translucent Creatures

One of the most difficult things to do in ocean photography is to photograph translucent creatures. Unlike their fellow sea creatures, they have a translucent, see-through body. However, given enough perseverance and the right equipment,...[more]

Ocean Photography: 4 Tips for Photographing Whales

Ocean photography is a beautiful practice that enables you to photograph whales. Photographing whales requires a lot of patience, even for professional photographers. Here are some tips for photographing whales: Tip 1: Choosing Your Boat...[more]

5 Tips for Photographing Deep Sea Animals

As may be expected, photographing deep sea animals is not something that is available to the average photographer. A combination of physical characteristics including pressure, light, temperature and the availability of oxygen are the main...[more]

How Many Megapixels Do You Need for Wildlife Pictures?

If you're a traveler who loves taking wildlife pictures, you might be shopping around for a good digital camera to take with you on your next trip. One of the most confusing aspects of choosing...[more]

Bird Photography: 5 Ways To Lure Birds Closer

Bird photography can be a lot of fun, but also quite frustrating. Birds are very skittish, so it can be difficult to get a good picture of them. Below you'll find a few tricks and...[more]

Creative Ideas for Framing your Graduation Photos

If you want to make the best from your graduation photos, then you will need to place them in a nice frame. The frame should make the photographs stand out from the rest of the...[more]

5 Tips on Posing Reptiles for Pictures

Reptiles' pictures can be incredibly beautiful to look at. They can also be incredibly frustrating to get. There are a lot of things that you will have to keep in mind whenever you are taking...[more]

How To Use Histograms on your DSLR

Histograms are some of the most useful tools in digital cameras, but few know how to use them. Understanding the information that they provide will help you find the perfect exposure for your photos. Be Skeptical Why...[more]

10 Creative Ideas for Silhouettes

Silhouettes are tremendously romantic. However, due to overuse, they risk becoming cliche. Try building new ideas off of some existing ideas. 1. Against the Sky The sky can come up with some amazing color concoctions when the sun...[more]

How to Capture Natural Light for Macro Photography

Capturing natural light can be especially difficult in macro photography. Generally, macro photography requires precise lighting setups, but using natural light is not impossible if you know how to control it. Step 1: Exposure When...[more]

School Portraits in Untraditional Formats: Making Extra Profit

School portraits can be a very profitable business for any photographer to get into. Anyone looking for a way to make extra money might be interested in offering different formats of prints to increase their...[more]

Corporate Photography: Setting Up a Formal Photo Booth

Companies use corporate photography for more than advertising their product or service. Formal portraits of company officials may also be taken for their website, quarterly reports or newsletters. The following are instructions on how to...[more]

Ocean Photography: Using Macro Photography in Tide Pools

The use of macro photography in tide pools is necessary to take beautiful ocean photography in these small pools of water. Macro photography refers to close up photography; what you see on the film or digital...[more]

Baby Animal Pictures: Baby and Mom

Baby animal pictures are a very popular type of photography which requires some very special skills.If you are taking photos of baby animals, especially with their parents, you will need to be patient and willing...[more]

Baby Animal Pictures: Respect Is Key

Taking baby animal pictures requires special skills. It's very important, for example, that you respect the animals and don't risk scaring them away. When taking photos of baby animals you will need to make sure...[more]

8 Tips for Coastal Life Photography

Many people have a great desire to live near the sea, and many photographic enthusiasts enjoy documenting coastal life: the activities and the scenery of the people who live there. Going to the beach is...[more]

4 Affordable Super-Zoom Cameras for Your Digital Nature Photography

Because of the importance of zooming when it comes to taking digital nature photography, knowing about the types of cameras available for such photography is key. It is widely recognized that Digital SLR cameras offer...[more]

4 Tips for Taking Great Safari Photos

The modern camera's small size and numerous features make it an ideal tool for taking safari photos and recording wildlife on a safari. There are arguments for and against both film and digital cameras, but...[more]

Keep Track of Your Digital Nature Photography Locations with a GPS Cable

Digital nature photography has become more focused and more productive with GPS (global positioning system) technology.  Now, satellites can send coordinates of subject locations to GPS receivers of photographers on the field.  A GPS cable...[more]

The Benefits of a Remote Shutter for Digital Nature Photography

Digital nature photography is not suited for being a group activity. Most animals are afraid of humans, after all, we're at the top of the food chain. No matter how far you venture into the...[more]

Bird Photography: How To Photograph the Nest

In bird photography, photographing the nest is probably the trickiest and most difficult shot to get. Birds build their nests in the tops of trees to keep predators away. They also make their nests very...[more]

Using the Right Lenses for Wild Bird Photography

Bird photography is something that can be very rewarding, but very frustrating. You will need to keep several things in mind when doing this type of photography. One of the most important things to consider...[more]

School Portrait Model Wardrobe Selection: Tips to Give

The model wardrobe with a school portrait is very important. You will want to be able to have not only you but your child be very proud of the picture that was taken. They will...[more]

Reasons to Take Your Own School Portraits

Taking your own school photographs have many benefits. They can also be fairly simple to take. Here are a few reasons you may want to consider taking your own portraits. Cost Taking your own portraits...[more]

Getting Great Pet Photos: To Treat or Not To Treat?

Working with animals and taking pet photos can be difficult at the best of times. Getting animals to do exactly what you want can be very difficult because it can be difficult to communicate with...[more]

Animal Photography: What To Know About Lighting

Animal photography is a tricky field to work in. Animals don't understand precise directions and can essentially do whatever they want. When shooting animals you're either going to have a smooth shoot, in some part...[more]

The 2 Best Lenses for Animal Photography

The lenses you choose for animal photography are important for professional-looking results. Having more than one lens option will enable you to take different types of shots while capturing movement and details of the animal....[more]

Pet Photos: The Difference Between Cats and Dogs

Cats and dogs have distinctive personalities that can be captured in pet photos, which have become a popular trend. Knowing the differences of working with cats versus dogs will help produce effective results. The primary...[more]

Pet Photography: Indoors vs. Ourdoors

Pet photography can be tricky regardless of the lighting conditions. There are instances when working indoors would be ideal, and times when outdoors settings are preferable. Here are a few things to keep in mind...[more]

Pet Photography: How To Get the Perfect Candid Shot

Pet photography is a lucrative niche for professional photographers and a fun hobby for amateurs and nothing can capture the spirit and liveliness of your pet like a candid photo.Taking pictures of pets can be...[more]

Giving Your School Portrait an Action Feel

Giving any portrait action feeling isn't a difficult thing to accomplish. This can be especially useful for school portraits. Any time a child is involved with sports or other activities, capturing some photos that look...[more]

How to Set Up Lighting for School Portraits

Whenever you are lighting school portraits, there are several things that you will need to keep in mind. Lighting the pictures well can help to make the pictures turn out beautifully. Most kids do not...[more]

5 Dynamic School Portrait Poses

Portrait poses can sometimes come off as cheesy or forced. You do not want to be the photographer that makes the subject go into a cliché pose that they will not be happy with. Make...[more]

How to Speed Up School Portrait Photographing

School portrait photography needs to be fast for several reasons. Not only do you have many children to photograph,  the children don't have a long attention span. A fidgety child is difficult to photograph and...[more]

Capturing the Formality of Senior High School Portraits

Senior high school portraits are typically more formal than other types of school portraits. These portraits are designed to bring back memories of the journey the student had during their high school years. They also...[more]

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