Photography Tips Articles

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Posterior Surface

Camera lenses are essentially the "eyes" of the camera, and just like human eyes they are complex mechanisms comprised of many parts working together. Although most of us will refer to "a lens," in...[more]

Aspects of Camera Lenses: Cortex

Camera lenses are extremely complex devices that follow the science of optics. In a way, the technology works in the same manner that is a parallel to the oldest and most complex lenses known...[more]

Photo Editing: How To Prevent Reflections on Glasses

Photo editing can do a lot when dealing with reflections on objects, such as glasses. Individuals that wear glasses can be particularly challenging. Glare and reflections will distract from the subject of the photo....[more]

Photo Editing: 5 Storage Tips

Photo editing often involves using a large amount of disk space. Raw images copied straight from a camera and other sources of high resolution photos have large file sizes. It is important to store numerous...[more]

Candids vs. Posing for Graduation Photos

For graduation is it better to shoot candids or posing photos? Each one is great but which one is the best? Well it's a combination of personal tastes along with what creative opportunities present themselves....[more]

How to Do Fashion Photography with a Point-and-Shoot

You do not need a camera costing several thousand dollars to shoot fashion photography. An ordinary point-and-shoot camera will do just fine, and you can get the same type of photos which are expected out...[more]

Photography Tips: Lens Distortion

Here are a few photography tips to handle the problem of lens distortion, which is quite common while using zoom lenses having a wide-range or wide-angle lenses. The main effect of lens distortion is straight...[more]

Christmas Photography: How to Photograph Christmas Lights

Christmas lights are beautiful to behold and even prettier to photograph. Capturing these lights in Christmas photography, however, can be a difficult task. To take great pictures of Christmas lights, users just need a standard...[more]

How to Get the Best Candids of your Child

Candids of children are generally the norm, as kids do not like to pose for photos, and these types of photos reflect the child's personality. All photographers should capture candid photos of children with a...[more]

Camera Parts: Film Advance Lever

A film advance lever is one of the camera parts film cameras may possess but digital cameras do not. This is a part found in antique and vintage film cameras. For example, a Canon EOS...[more]

The 6 Best Stock Photography Websites

There's a slew of stock photography websites available online. Some have thousands in their collection, while others offer only a handful but royalty-free sites. Whether you're looking into purchasing some photos, or submitting some of...[more]

How To Use Vaseline To Create Soft Focus

Do you know how to use Vaseline to create soft focus in your photos? Vaseline can be used to create either a soft, dreamlike focus on traditional shots, or you can go a step further...[more]

5 Great Ideas for Pet Photos with Their Owners

Pet photos are some of the most treasured photos in a house. You will find them carefully preserved hanging in a frame, or in an album together with the rest of the family photos. There...[more]

Travel Photography: The Middle East

Travel photography is a wonderful career for anyone interested in photography and who also enjoys traveling. This job will be able to take you all around the world taking photos of many different things that...[more]

Travel Photography: The Atlantic

Anyone who enjoys photography might find it easy to make a living by using travel photography. This is an enjoyable career because it allows you to travel all around the world taking fantastic photos of...[more]

Travel Photography: Americas

Travel Photography is a great way to earn some extra money and it is also something that many people can enjoy. Anyone who enjoys photography and traveling will find travel photography is a very rewarding...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Darken the Mid Day Sky

Shooting midday can be very difficult, and the following are some photography tips on how to darken the midday sky. During the middle of the day, the landscape is illuminated beautifully but the sky does...[more]

How To Use Frosted Scotch Tape To Create a Simple Diffuser

If the light from a flash or lamp is too harsh, then a diffuser can be used to make the light less intense. A diffuser is a filter which scatters light and makes it less...[more]

Photography Tips: Giving Space to Look Into for Your Subject

There are so many different photography tips, that learning them all would take a lifetime. If you are serious about taking high quality photographs, then you will need to find a way to make your...[more]

5 Ideas for Using NASA Stock Footage

Stock footage is a very useful way to include clips on your website or in your film without having the expense of taking them yourself. If you want to use videos of space, the moon...[more]

5 Tips for Shooting Portraits in Bright Sunshine

The following photography tips will help you shoot portraits in bright sunshine. For many photographers, taking photos in bright sun can seem like an overwhelming challenge, one that they will never get quite right. But...[more]

An Introduction To The Photographer's Ephemeris

Until recently, the only way to ascertain sunset/sunrise times and information about the phases of the moon was to pore over tables of numbers, but The Photographer's Ephemeris has changed all that. That's no fun!...[more]

7 Ideas for Using Archival Stock Photography

If you are building a website, creating a video or writing a magazine, then you will probably have a need for stock photography. Stock photography is where you can buy the rights to use photographs...[more]

Photographing to Tell a Story

When photographing, it is important to remember that each photo conveys a message or tells a story. Even a single photograph can make a powerful statement, similar to how a headline photograph functions. A series...[more]

4 Pet Photography Tips

Almost all pet lovers all over the world dream of capturing their precious pet's natural poses through pet photography. Pets are considered an essential household possession if one wants to experience unconditional love, loyalty, and...[more]

Stock Photography: 6 Tips for Creating Photos Based on Concepts or Ideas

Stock photography involves creating photographs for sale online. Although stock photographs appear generic in nature, they are professionally produced and based on concepts. There are numerous sources for a concept or idea for the photographer's...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Outside in the Fall

There are plenty of  photography tips to offer when it comes to taking great outdoor photos during fall. The lighting is softer and the natural colors found are varied and plentiful. Whether you want to take...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Use a Flash Outside

Photography tips can be helpful when deciding how to use a flash outside. The sun is shining bright, and there's plenty of daylight. So, a photographer doesn't need to use the flash, right? Unfortunately, that's...[more]

5 Indoor Self Portrait Ideas

The self portrait can be the ultimate expression in photography. They show the personality of both the person and the photographer. Indoor self portraits are also a great way for budding photographers to develop skills,...[more]

Travel Photography: Africa

Travel photography can be a great way to remember your trip and potentially earn some extra money. If you enjoy traveling, then you will be able to visit lots of different countries. All of these different...[more]

Photography Tips: How To See the Preview Screen on Sunny Days

When learning photography you will discover many photography tips which will help you to make the most out of your hobby. There are hundreds of different tips that will help you to master photography. One...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Landscapes

When it comes to photography tips, landscape photography involves taking pictures of everything from mountains to trees to deserts to canyons. But, there's more to landscape photography than simply pointing your camera at the horizon...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Outside in the Winter

Following a few photography tips for winter photos can help you create breathtaking pictures. The sunlight is different depending on the season, and a few things will affect the final picture. Here are a few...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Outside in the Summer

There are lots of photography tips that you can learn when you are first starting out in photography. A very common tip is learning how to photograph outside during the summer. During the summer months,...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph Outside in the Spring

There are millions of photography tips which can make your photographs look much more professional. If you want to take photos outside during the spring, then you will need to learn some basic tips which...[more]

Photography Tips: How To Photograph the Sky

When it comes to outdoor photography tips, most people only think about photographing objects. However, the sky itself can be the subject of a photograph. While large expanses of dead sky in the middle of...[more]

How To Take Great Children Stock Photos

Taking stock photos of children can be a fun and fulfilling thing to do. For starters, children are cute and full of energy. There are many creative actions they can do to enhance the photo....[more]

Photography Tips: How To Use Ultra-Wide Lenses

There are plenty of sites that offer photography tips. One tip that is worth reading about is how to properly use an ultra wide angle lens. Many amateur photographers assume that using a wide angle...[more]

How To Take a Professional Looking Self Portrait

A self portrait is necessary for things like business cards, websites or even social networking sites. The goal of the self portraits is to show the subject's personality in the right light. But, hiring a...[more]

How Much Should You Pay for Stock Photography?

Anyone interested in stock photography will quickly discover that they will need to pay for it. Although some sites do offer free stock photography, it's generally much better to actually pay for the stock photography...[more]

How To Take Great Nature Stock Photos

Stock photos can be a great way for any photographer to supplement their income. Taking stock photos is also a good way for budding photographers to gain some practice and experience. Nature photos are always...[more]

6 Great Photography Blogs

Anyone interested in photography will want to find ways of improving their skills over time. Photography is one of those things that you can never completely master. It's something that you will be learning for...[more]

How To Take a Self Portrait with a Point and Shoot

Taking a self portrait photograph is becoming even more popular these days as a result of Myspace and many other sites requiring such photos. If you want to take a self portrait photograph with your...[more]

5 Outdoor Self Portrait Ideas

When taking a self portrait, you might think that your options are limited. However, there are actually many different things that you can do to make the most out of the photograph. Taking the photo...[more]

Production: 5 Tips for Multi-Camera Shooting

With any film production, a filmmaker must understand how to use shots from multiple cameras to tell a story. One of the basic principles involves the 180 Degree Rule. In it, the spatial relationship between...[more]

Production: How to Avoid Continuity Errors

Continuity errors are a problem that plague every kind of production. The errors are usually subtle and unnoticeable but they do have the potential to snap the audience out of the illusion your movie has...[more]

Production: 5 Tips for Directing Children

Directing children in a film is not exactly the easiest job in the world. Here are a few tips that may help in directing children. Children Come First: In order to protect yourself and the...[more]

Production: 4 Basic Cinematography Tips

Before you start production, you should be thoroughly familiar with the action in the script and you should have a preconceived idea of what you want to do with that action. If you are doing...[more]

Home Movies: Never Miss Those 'Funniest Home Videos' Moments

Home movies are the kind of thing that you think of as corny when you're a kid but when you're a parent they take on different meaning because they preserve precious memories. One of America's...[more]

6 Tips to Master Aperture Settings for Underwater Photography

By changing the aperture settings, you are changing how much light your digital camera lets in. Basically, the aperture of your lens is an opening that can be made smaller or larger. The larger the aperture,...[more]