Photography Tips Articles

Home Based Photography Business: Making a Business Plan

Anyone interested in starting their own home based photography business will need to consider several things. It's important to bear in mind not only photography skills, but also business skills. Your photography business will...[more]

How to Start Your Own Digital Photography Magazine

Starting your own digital photography magazine will make it possible to showcase your photos. This makes it very easy to make a name for yourself and also stand a chance of making some money....[more]

3 Brainstorming Tips for Photography Business Names

Photography business names can sometimes spell the difference between the company's success and failure. It is a challenge to think of the perfect name for the company straight off the bat. This is where...[more]

Coloring Black and White Pictures in Photoshop

If you have any black and white pictures, you can convert them to colored images with Photoshop. Although black and white photos have a certain look, you can also make a copy of the...[more]

Getting the Most out of Your Thanksgiving Pictures

Most people will take Thanksgiving pictures every year to remember cherished memories spent with their loved ones. As with any other type of photo, it's important to do everything you can to make your...[more]

Guide to Becoming a Professional Wedding Photographer

If you’re the type of person who loves snapping pictures and capturing moments then maybe a career as a professional wedding photographer is for you. Being a photographer in this field isn’t only in...[more]

Stock Photography: How To Get Permission to Photograph in Certain Places

Many photographers will earn a regular income from their stock photography. To make this as profitable as possible you will need to take some unique and interesting photographs. However, it is very important that...[more]

What Is Color Cast?

Color Cast is part of the Photoshop program. It offers you the ability to alter the colors in a photo. You can restore it to the way it should look by altering the saturation and the...[more]

What Causes Image Blur?

Image blur can be caused by multiple issues, but these are usually easy to identify and learn to correct.  It just takes a bit of digital photography knowledge and a few changes before snapping...[more]

4 Portrait Photography Techniques for New Professionals

When considering portrait photography techniques, you need to look at the client whose photos you are going to be taking more closely. You want to establish a rapport with them while enhancing the photos...[more]

3 Photo Tips to Capture Stunning Images

To capture stunning images, some basic photo tips will need to be adhered to. Regardless of what kind of camera you are using, be it one of the small point and shoots or one...[more]

What to Look for When Choosing Wedding Photography Packages

There are so many wedding photography packages to choose from that the couple may find it challenging to settle down on one.  Couples are advised to meet with several photographers and see what each...[more]

Digital Photography Guide

This digital photography guide will show you how to choose a digital camera and various basic tips for taking great photos. The modern digital photography equipment has enabled even a novice to take great...[more]

Photography for Beginners: 2 Topics to Study First

Photography for beginners starts with two main areas that must be learned in order to achieve a higher quality of photos. There are many aspects of photography that help professional photographers produce amazing works...[more]

Family Portrait Photography: 3 Tips for Choosing a Quality Photographer

When it comes to family portrait photography, it is important to have a very clear idea of exactly what you want from your photographer. Family portraits not only provide memories for you, but they...[more]

How Wedding Photography Courses Can Increase Revenue

Wedding photography courses are photography classes that specialize in teaching you the wedding photography business. If you are new to the wedding photography business, then it may be worth your while to learn something...[more]

3 Digital Photography Books for Beginners

With such a wide range of information out there, it can sometimes be difficult to decide which digital photography books are the best for beginners. The three books listed here are some of the...[more]

4 Wedding Photography Tips from the Pros

Whether it is photographing weddings for the first time or wanting to gain experience in the field, learning a few wedding photography tips can help in becoming a better photographer. Weddings are often festive...[more]

3 Photography Tricks to Make Your Images Dramatic

There are various photography tricks that you can employ to make your images dramatic. This is mainly done by utilizing the position of the camera, the composition of the frame and the shot's lighting....[more]

3 Popular Websites Offering a Free Digital Photography Tutorial

While there are many places to find photography lessons online, there are three popular sites that are perfect for finding an excellent free digital photography tutorial. 1. Digital Photography School This site offers in...[more]

How WPPI Helps Wedding Portrait Photographers

Wedding portrait photographers specialize in capturing that special day, using portrait techniques. While there are many people in this business, many wedding portrait photographers don’t know about the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Association....[more]

2 Photography Lighting Techniques for Beginners

There are a lot of photography lighting techniques that can be used to capture stunning images. Many of them take years of experience to learn and discover, but there are a few simple techniques...[more]

Digital Photography for Beginners

If you are about to make the switch from film cameras to digital cameras, you will want to make use of tips for digital photography for beginners. Digital photography is becoming very popular today,...[more]

3 Photography Lighting Tips for Beginners

There are several photography lighting tips which are helpful, especially for photographers who are just starting out in the field or are interested in taking photography up as a hobby. Studio lighting brings out...[more]

Digital Photography Basics: Five Ways to Capture Beautiful Images

Learning digital photography basics is essential to taking beautiful photographs. People find out ways of replicating the photographs that they see on postcards or websites. Although there are techniques which require the supervision of...[more]

Digital Photo Tips for Beginners

There are a number of basic digital photo tips that amateurs should learn when it comes to photography. Digital cameras have a lot of features but require the expertise of the wielder or the...[more]

2 Digital Camera Photography Tips for Stunning Images

A few digital camera photography tips can help you create some stunning images. With digital photography, the image coloring can be different. This is mainly because there are not the same amount of f...[more]

5 Landscape Photography Tips from the Pros

Here are a few simple landscape photography tips to capture the essence of a place. These tips can help photographers take better photographs of landscapes. When photographing nature, adjusting the settings is important. Wide-angle...[more]

Advertising Makeup Photography: Where to Be

Fashion makeup photography is a great way for some photographers to create an extra source of income. These services are in demand by many people. The people who may buy your services include make up...[more]

3 Essential Portrait Photography Tips For Beginners

Portrait photography tips can be helpful to a beginner because there is a certain format that these types of photos must follow. Here are three tips to help get you started. 1. The Subject...[more]

Studio Portrait Photography: Model Problems

Studio portrait photography gives photographers greater control of how the subject would appear on film. A studio also gives the photographer access to all of the available and necessary equipment for the shoot. With...[more]

2 Tips for Great Micro Photography

Micro photography is a bit more technical than ordinary photography. Micro photography works on reproduction ratios. If you are looking for tips on great micro photography, then check out the tips below: 1. Attach...[more]

How to Make Your Equine Photography Look Pro

If you aren't familiar with equine photography, equine photography involves taking pictures of horses. There is nothing better than taking a close-up shot of a creature that is as beautiful as a horse. This...[more]

3 Tips for Seascape Photography

If you are not familiar with seascape photography, seascape photography involves taking pictures of anything from water to coastal birds to the nature around the water. Seascape photography can be challenging because you basically...[more]

Stretched Canvas Prints VS. Rolled Canvas Prints

Tradition and modern technology have met to bring you an exclusive creation – a hybrid of photographs and canvas, turning your work into true artwork with stretched canvas prints. Much longer life, the perfect...[more]

Are Cheap Canvas Prints the Best Option?

For most people, cheap canvas prints may sound the same as low quality prints. This, however, is far from true as you will soon find out. Using cheaper canvas prints can actually give you...[more]

Five Essential Components to Boudoir Photography

Boudoir photography is an old form of photography that is experiencing a rebirth. Historically thought as racy, this type of photography had taken a new form and is now seen as a classy way...[more]

Having Indian Wedding Photos in Your Photo Portfolio

When a client is looking through various portfolios to hire a potential photographer, yours might stand out due to Indian wedding photos if included in your portfolio. Indian weddings are complex and beautiful. If you are...[more]

2 Tips for Indian Wedding Photography

Indian wedding photography differs from normal European wedding photography in many aspects. An Indian wedding is far more of a public celebration than the European type. The use of color also makes it different....[more]

3 Reasons to Use Aerial Advertising

Aerial advertising is not very popular among the vast majority of advertisers, but the more experienced advertisers know the little secrets that can make a huge difference. There are numerous reasons why some people...[more]

4 Reasons to Take Aerial House Photos

There are many advantages associated with aerial house photos that most of us do not even think about. Here are some reasons why aerial photos are beneficial. 1. Development Project If you have a...[more]

Finding the Best Cheap Canvas Prints Online

Cheap canvas prints are extremely rare due to costly printing materials and framing costs. The following guide focuses on how to find cheap canvas prints online. Finalizing the Photograph and the Design Effects First...[more]

Exploring the Canvas On Demand Options

Canvas On Demand is a good website for turning your photos into stunning canvas prints. You just need to upload your photo and choose from the various options that are on offer. Let us...[more]

5 Reasons to Use Canvas On Demand for Canvas Wraps

Canvas on Demand is a company that converts your pictures into works of art. You simply send them the pictures that you would like to use and the company takes care of the rest....[more]

How to Rasterbate Large Images

To rasterbate essentially means creating a picture that is much larger than the actual piece of media it is being printed on. This is achieved by printing out the picture in smaller sections. Each...[more]

3 Uses for Large Photo Prints

If you are looking for unique ways to make and give personalized gifts, consider using large photo prints. With them, you can create and give gifts that will be cherished forever. Some of the...[more]

Making Large Photos Prints at Home

Making large photo prints was once considered an impossibly expensive task that could only be made through print companies. Much has changed since that era; now it is possible to create large prints of...[more]

3 Tips for Making Print Photography Great

Print photography has come on in strides over the last few years. Today, with the new forms of printing available you are almost spoiled for choice. One can send the digital images in to...[more]

3 Common Problems when Working in Print Photography

Print photography is a great service to offer clients. Digital photos have made it very easy to take photos without wasting film. However, many of these photos stay on the computer and never get...[more]

How to Make Compelling Street Photography

Of the various types and styles of photography, street photography offers the widest range of possibilities to express talent and communicate with the viewer. In fact, it is a type of documentary photography which...[more]