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What does Winnowing a Photography Shoot Mean?

Anyone doing a photography shoot will need to understand how to winnow the shot. Any photographers who are now moving to digital photography will need to understand a new process for initial editing. This...[more]

Backing up RAW to DVD: The Importance

Backing up RAW to DVD makes it possible to keep your photos safe no matter what happens to your computer. RAW photo files have a number of advantages over JPEG and normal image files....[more]

Understanding Computer Configuration for Photography

If you are taking digital photos, then computer configuration is very important. It's essential that your computer is as fast as possible so that you can edit and touch up the photos without the...[more]

5 Tips to Set Up a Camera

When you are trying to set up a camera you will find that is can be confusing and difficult at times. This article will look at a number of different tips which can be...[more]

3 Ways to Spruce Up Your Photo Art Gallery

Anyone can create a photo art gallery, but to make it distinct, there are numerous things to take into consideration. Thanks to photo editing software, there are ways to correct the imperfections of an...[more]

4 Digital Photography Techniques to Improve Your Images

There are many different digital photography techniques which can be used to take better photos. This article will look at some of the most useful techniques that can improve your photography skills. 1. Taking...[more]

Overcoming Color Cast in Photoshop

Color cast is one of the most commonly encountered problems in the realm of digital photography and it has the potential to absolutely ruin your photographs. Fortunately, Adobe Photoshop provides a slew of tools...[more]

3 Reasons to Buy a Digiscoping Camera

A digiscoping camera is a compact digital camera attached to a telescope which takes long distance pictures. The camera lens is zoomed to avoid “vignetting” and then is placed very closed to the telescope...[more]

Showcasing Concert Band Photography on Websites

There are many different ways that band photography can be used to publicize and promote a band on the Internet. These band photos will give visitors to the website a unique glimpse at how...[more]

3 Tips for Great Hotel Photography

Most photographers earn a lot with hotel photography sessions. Since the hotel industry require brochures and online slideshows to announce new discounts and features, photographers should learn some tips in creating memorable images. After...[more]

3 Facts to Know about Photography Marketing

If you want to make it in the business world, you need to know the facts about photography marketing. Here are some business classes, hints and tips to get you on the right track....[more]

4 Tips for Thanksgiving Pictures

Thanksgiving is so important that people will go to great lengths to preserve the memories of such a sacred, traditional holiday by taking Thanksgiving pictures. However, with so much going on, the tumult of...[more]

3 Portrait Photography Tips from the Pros

Portrait photography tips can be helpful to anyone new to the art. There's a certain style and rules that one needs to follow in order to create the best possible work. Here are three...[more]

3 Tips for Creating a Wedding Photography Contract

A wedding photography contract is an essential document that should be completed and signed between the photographer and client prior to the date of the event. A wedding is a very special day for...[more]

What Does Rasterbate Mean?

Rasterbate is the technical term for tiled printing. Tiled printing happens when your computer allows you to print an image that is larger than a standard page. For example, rather than have a large...[more]

Simulating a Candid Photography Pose

Candid photography is all about capturing natural moments rather than staged shots. For example, paparazzi shots of Angelina Jollie at the beach fall under the category of candid photography, but the cover shot of...[more]

How to know when you should use a tripod

Tips and techniques to make your photos look their bestHave you ever looked at a photo on your camera screen and thought it was okay, only to open it on your home computer and find...[more]

Food Photography Tips for Restaurateurs

When it comes to food photography, tips are helpful to make the dishes or meals appear more sumptuous.  Readers will rely only on the visual presentation of the image in order to make a...[more]

Stock Photography Tips to Sell Your Photography

This article will look at some of the best stock photography tips which can be used to make your photos as profitable and desirable as possible. Stock photography can be a great way for...[more]

Three Fashion Photography Tips from the Pros

Fashion photography tips from the pros can benefit photographers just starting out in the field. Professionals are known for their experience and contributions to the field, and their insights can help the community become...[more]

Travel Photography Tips: Capture Your Vacation with Stunning Results

So you've decided to go and travel, and you want to take great pictures. Now you're just wondering how you're going to capture those amazing sites you see. You want to get the most...[more]

Making Great School Band Photography

School band photography can be a great way of making money. To make your photographs stand out from the crowd, you will need to think about some important tips. These tips will make it...[more]

3 Reasons to Use High Speed Photography

High speed photography is when a set of three photos or more are taken at high speed, one after the other. These pictures are taken to appear to freeze the motion. Here are a...[more]

Creative Memories: Hosting a Party

Creative Memories is a website that allows you to create photo albums and scrapbook albums or pages, and you can share these albums with friends and family members. While you can create items online,...[more]

What Is Creative Memories?

Creative Memories is a company that is involved in preserving memories captured in photographs. The home-based enterprise has been creating scrapbook albums since the 1980s. It currently has over 40,000 consultants and delivers worldwide....[more]

Creative Memories: Project Center

Creative Memories is a website where you can get ideas for creating photo albums, scrapbooks or cards, and actually lay out your designs. This is a free tool that allows you to layout your...[more]

4 Websites to Learn Digital Photography for Free

You don’t have to take expensive lessons to learn digital photography; there are plenty of places you can learn it for free. Here is a list of some websites that will give you free...[more]

4 Tips for Great High Speed Photography

High speed photography is sometimes called freezing fast motion, and this is used to give great photographic effects. It is not easy to take such shots, but it is possible. Using a scene of...[more]

3 Product Photography Tips from the Pros

Product photography tips can come a long way for photographers in the field. Product photographs can help the consumer or client determine if the item in the photograph is worth purchasing. One great photograph...[more]

3 Digital Photography Secrets of the Pros

You don’t have to take a class to learn digital photography secrets. Here are three tips that will have you shooting like a pro. 1. Know Your Camera It sounds like a simple rule,...[more]

3 Digital Photography Tricks to Shoot Like the Pros

If you are looking for ways to improve your photography skills, try these easy digital photography tricks. 1. Adjust Shutter Speed Most digital cameras will allow a small adjustment of shutter speed, although the...[more]

3 Professional Photography Tips for Those New to the Business

Anyone new to this business can certainly benefit from some basic professional photography tips to help them get their career started on the right foot. Afterall, it's a tough business and it's much better...[more]

3 Digital Photography Tips and Tricks to Improve Your Images

There are a few simple digital photography tips and tricks which can improve a photographer’s images. Mastering photography requires a lot of practice and experimentation. The following problems are common whether photographing as an...[more]

3 Sports Photography Tips from the Pros

There are several sports photography tips which can help budding photographers in the field. Sports photography is difficult in its own right, as photographers will need to be quick in capturing the images at...[more]

4 Tips for a Beginner Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

Las Vegas is well known for gambling and weddings, and in order to cut it as a Las Vegas wedding photographer, you'll need to work hard and offer unique services. Here are four tips...[more]

Studio Portrait Photography Tips for Hand Poses

When it comes to studio portrait photography, photographers have greater control on how the final image will appear. The photographer can alter the background and lighting conditions, have better access to equipment and even...[more]

Understanding Image Zoom Problems

Image Zoom can be used to make certain parts of images much bigger. This can be useful for a number of different reasons. However, there are lots of different problems which can be caused...[more]

5 Photography Techniques Used by The Pros

There are some photography techniques that require more than basic skills and an understanding of how a camera works. The following techniques are used by professional photographers. Some techniques require special equipment. In most...[more]

Photography Marketing Basics

When it comes to photography, marketing is an essential part of the business. The importance of marketing can be compared to planting. A more successful harvest is influenced by the number of seeds planted....[more]

Photography Business Cards: What Your Logo Says About You

In the very dynamic world of business, photography business cards are slowly becoming a standard when it comes to giving out contact information. Gone are the days of boring two-colored business cards with your...[more]

Maintaining a Portrait Photography Business

In keeping a portrait photography business afloat, it is important to have a good foundation based on quality equipment and of course, the skills and creativity to produce excellent images. Here are ways to...[more]

Starting Your Own Portrait Photography Business

Starting your own portrait photography business in this day and age may seem like a bad idea to many. But, even with cheap and affordable digital cameras flooding the market, the portrait market still...[more]

How to Start a Travel Photography Business

There are lots of different photography business ideas which can be used to create a profitable business. One of the most useful types is a travel photography business. This is perfect for anyone who...[more]

4 Digital Photography Business Trends

The digital photography business has grown and changed over the years. Many of the older photographers have switched to digital as a means of shooting because of the ease of use of the cameras....[more]

How to Expand Your Real Estate Photography Business

If you've started a real estate photography business, you will need to find a way to expand and enlarge your business. The industry is fairly competitive, which is why you will need to differentiate yourself...[more]

How to Start a Real Estate Photography Business

Starting a Real Estate photography business can be a perfect way for any photographer to make some money. There are several things that you will need to do to start your business. As lots...[more]

4 Cool Features of Web Cam Monitor

Web Cam Monitor makes it possible to use your web cam as a security camera. Web cameras are very cheap and are built into many computers. This makes them very affordable security cameras, which...[more]

How to Become a Successful Las Vegas Wedding Photographer

If you are considering becoming a Las Vegas wedding photographer, you have many options for potential gigs. The city hosts several weddings every hour and many couples flock here to tie the know. Here...[more]

3 Ways to Enhance Las Vegas Wedding Photography

Getting married in Las Vegas can be fun, spontaneous and quick, and getting Las Vegas wedding photography of high quality is equally important. You want the memories of that special day to be perfect. Here...[more]

Home Based Photography Business: Making a Business Plan

Anyone interested in starting their own home based photography business will need to consider several things. It's important to bear in mind not only photography skills, but also business skills. Your photography business will...[more]

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