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5 Tips for Great Graduation Photos during the Ceremony

Great graduation photos are hard to get. It's such an important moment in your loved ones life, and you have only one chance to capture it. Here are 5 tips to help make sure your...[more]

How to take Memorable Santa Christmas Photos

Taking Christmas photos can be very tricky sometimes, especially if you intend to have Santa in them. With the jolly old man in your shot, you have to make sure that your photos bring out...[more]

Tips for Taking the Best Chirstmas Photos for Christmas Cards

The holiday season is a fun and festive time, and taking Christmas photos is always at the forefront of preserving those memories. In the midst of the yuletide season, you have to think about taking...[more]

6 Prop Ideas for Christmas Photos

Taking Christmas photos not only entails capturing the right moment and the right mood. With a dose of creativity and ingenuity, you'll certainly be able to compose and frame a Christmas photo of your choice....[more]

5 Tips for the Best Looking Christmas Photos

Composing Christmas photos offer a lot of possibilities; you can opt to take whimsical ones, dramatic ones or simply candid ones. Whichever type of Christmas photo you're aiming for, taking the best one is sure...[more]

Are Two Flashes Better than One?

One of the most common questions relating to flash photography is whether or not your photographs will benefit from using more than one flash. The answer to that, of course, depends entirely on a wide...[more]

Which Flash is Best for which Camera?

Whether you are determining which camera you are going to buy, or you are trying to determine what type of flash to purchase for a camera you already own, your decision could drastically affect the...[more]

Beginning Photography: 4 Things to Know about Light

Photography is dependent upon light in order to create exposure. Here are some things that you should know about light in order to produce the photos you want. 1. The Difference between Hard and Soft...[more]

Photographing Babies? Take a Million Shots

Photographing babies can be a very rewarding and enjoyable experience, but it can also be extremely frustrating. Children are difficult to work with at the best of times, and when they can't talk properly yet,...[more]

Tips for Taking College Graduation Photos

When taking college graduation photos, it's important to do your best to make them as special and memorable as possible. Although you might be familiar with taking graduation photos at different ages, children who have...[more]

Holiday Photos: Fill your Frame

When you are taking your holiday photos, it can be fairly difficult to take interesting and high quality photographs. There are, however, a number of things that you can do to make these photos look...[more]

Build your own Dual Flash Mount

Sometimes two flashes are better than one flash when taking a photo. If you want to use two flashes, then you will need to use a dual flash mount. Buying a dual flash mount is...[more]

How to Avoid Unwanted Side Lighting

Sometimes you need to shoot on location and do not have total control over the layout of the land. You may have to compromise where you place your lights, and this could lead to unwanted side...[more]

What Side Lighting Can Do for Your Photos

Side lighting, or edge light, serves the same function as backlight. It's purpose is to light a subject from the back or side so they have a slight glow around them. We use this trick...[more]

Understanding Light and Exposure

In photography, exposure is defined as the total amount of light allowed to fall on film or image sensors when taking a photograph. Exposure is dependent on two factors: the aperture and time. The aperture...[more]

Understanding Light and Shutter Speed

Photography is dependent on light. In the oldest days of film, we did not have artificial light (candles weren't enough to create exposure and were more likely to cause a fire than help you out)....[more]

What Backlight Can Do for Your Photos

Backlight is probably the least understood component of lighting. When people start learning the craft, they easily understand key and fill, but often neglect the backlight. While it might not be as noticeable, it still...[more]

How to Avoid Unwanted Backlight

Backlight can look very nice. It can create a halo around a person and helps make a 2D image appear three dimensional and layered. However, there are times when the backlight is too intense or...[more]

When to use a Fill Flash

Most people use the flash on their camera as the main light source for a photo, however, this isn't actually what a flash is designed to do. A flash is much too small to be...[more]

6 Beautiful Natural Fashion Photography Locations

There are many realms to photography, including natural fashion photography where location can make all the difference in your photos. Fashion photography itself is a creative endeavor that allows for tons of leeway in utilizing your skills...[more]

How to Set the Frame to Reduce Red Eyes in Pictures

Red eyes in pictures can decrease the quality of your photos. Some cameras have red eye reduction, but this only reduces the problem, it doesn't eliminate it. Here are some simple tips for setting up your frame so...[more]

Framing a Picture: 6 Tips

There are many things to learn about digital photography, and framing the picture as you take it is one of them. You can certainly print and frame any picture you want to after it is taken and edited. The...[more]

7 Tips for Winning Fashion Photography Contests

Fashion photography contests offer a marketing platform where a fashion photographer can showcase his skills to an audience of magazine editors, fashion designers, photographic associations, exporting and advertising agencies. These can range from local competitions to international...[more]

Fashion Photography Tips: Skillfully Subtracting Light

Fashion photography is all about showing off the apparel along with the model. Sometimes, you may have too much light in a picture due to natural light or even a too intense of a bulb. There...[more]

How to Use Sex Appeal in Fashion Photography

In fashion photography, a little sex appeal can go a long way. Read the tips below for some tips and tricks ib using sex appeal to your advantage in photo shoots. Start Out Conservative If...[more]

How to Use Natural Light in Fashion Photography

 Natural light can play a large role in the quality of a photo. It can make the photo appear more vibrant and alive. It can also eliminate the need for a flash. Avoid Direct Sunlight...[more]

Setting Up a Fashion Photography Exhibit

Draw attention to your work by setting up a fashion photography exhibit. It is important to remember, without organization, careful choice of venue, and proper execution, your audience may quickly lose interest in your exhibition....[more]

Fashion Photography Internships: What to Look For

Students looking to get into the world of fashion photography should look for an internship to gain a full understanding of their field and future. Though often unpaid, an internship is a powerful tool of...[more]

3 Fashion Photography Tips

In such a broad and creative industry as fashion photography, many tips may be offered to novice photographers. Of course, there are many directly related to the technical aspects of the craft, many could parallel...[more]

Photography Tips: Using Lower Aperture

People may hear the phrase "camera aperture" but not know what it means. The camera aperture is useful for photographers who are making the move from amateur to professional photography. The aperture is connected to...[more]

9 Presentation Tips for Photographhy Portfolios

If you are nervous about presenting your portfolio to a potential client, stop worrying. Your chances of getting a job are probably already high, and all you need to do is prove to the client...[more]

Digital Photography Editing: Simulating Soft Focus

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How to Become an Editorial Photographer

An editorial photographer's primary responsibility is to deliver a unique, appealing and marketable story in its best form in a short amount of time. Whether he is swinging from a tree in Africa or taking...[more]

Digital Wedding Photography Advantages

The advantages of digital wedding photography can range from better image resolution, more images, more control and an easier post-production process. Some may argue that digital photography does not capture the reality of the camera's...[more]

Corporate Photography: Is a Backdrop Necessary?

When working on corporate photography you have to see yourself as being a service to your employer rather than an artist who can make whatever choices they want. That means that you need to base...[more]

Corporate Photography: Is a Backdrop Necessary?

When working on corporate photography you have to see yourself as being a service to your employer rather than an artist who can make whatever choices they want. That means that you need to base...[more]

Corporate Photography: Selecting Holiday Props

When working in corporate photography, holidays are an exciting time for everyone. The winter holiday season is a time year when people tend to loosen up a bit, and professional holiday photos are a great...[more]

Corporate Photography: The Basics

Corporate photography is any type of photography or videography used for promoting a company's brand, products and services.  Businesses also use corporate photography and videography to document social events and create visual content for internal...[more]

Photography Tips: Pictures of Friends

Follow these photography tips to take pictures of friends and create charming and priceless mementos. Shooting friends can be awkward or difficult, particularly if you have friends who are camera-shy or don't seem to listen...[more]

Photography Tips: Using Shadows to Your Advantage

The best photographers know that using shadows to your advantage gives a picture a dramatic edge. Follow these photography tips to learn to use both light and shadows to impact your photos. Step 1 - Eliminate...[more]

Photography Tips: White Balance Indoors

If your indoor photographs have a discoloration, particularly around people and large objects, follow these photography tips to solve this problem. To understand why this discoloration happens and prevent it, read on to learn about...[more]

Photography Tips: Using ISO in Dark Areas

If you are looking to improve your nighttime photographs, consider these basic photography tips on using the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) setting, slowing the shutter speed or using a night-scene mode on your camera....[more]

Photography Tips: Asymmetrical Composition

Follow these photography tips to learn how to compose your subject in an asymmetrical fashion. Rather than simply center-framing your subject, which can get a little boring and repetitive for both cameraman and viewer, experiment...[more]

Photography Tips: Getting Photos Noticed

Amateur photographers are often eager to have their work noticed, but a few photography tips may help them manage the transition from unknown to renowned photographer. When beginning to publish your photographs for general notice,...[more]

Photography Tips: Building Confidence to Shoot Candids

Candid photographs are favored by many for their natural and fun poses, but beginner photographers may need a few photography tips before they have the confidence to take these revealing and detailed shots. Most amateur...[more]

Tips to Choose Equipment for Wedding Photography

If you intend to convert your amateur hobby into a wedding photography business, consider the tips below. To be a serious wedding photographer, you first need to invest in a few very important pieces of...[more]

5 Easy Photo Editing Tips

Easy photo editing projects can make your digital photos look even better than they did when you took them. Digital photography allows you to take photos without worrying about the cost of film and getting...[more]

Digital Photography Editing: How to Correct Lens Distortion

If lens distortion affects wide-angled photography leaving your photos looking unnatural, use digital photography editing to put everything back into perspective. This process s very easy with some photo editing software. For the purpose of...[more]

How to Improve Your Candid Wedding Photography

One of the most important aspects of a wedding is the photography. Hiring a good wedding photographer is important because you want to get the best shots of your life's most precious moments. That's why...[more]

Sunflower Photography: 4 Tips for Excellent Photos

Taking photos of sunflowers is an art. It can take a while before you begin to see the best photos come out. If you are wondering how to go about taking the right ones, you...[more]

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