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Getting Started in Wildlife Photography

Wildlife photography is probably the hardest specialization to maintain a living through. It's even harder to break into it. In fact, trying to build a career in this field is a huge gamble because it...[more]

How to Take Elementary School Portraits

Elementary school photos can be a very lucrative business if you pull it off right. Parents love buying the latest photos of their children when they're young. By offering multiple photo packages to choose from,...[more]

How to Take School Group Portraits

School group portraits are fun to take. For the children, it represents a moment in their life that they won't appreciate until they're older. You're there to preserve that memory for them with a great...[more]

How to Avoid a Flash Blow Out

Your camera's flash can either by a huge savior or a huge pain. In places where the light is really low, like a club, it can be really helpful brightening your shots without bothering other...[more]

How to Take Great Photos at the Zoo

Whether you want to become a professional wildlife photographer or are just looking to have some fun, photos at the zoo are a great way to pass the time. Zoos are pretty exciting to visit...[more]

How to Photograph Wine Bottles with Macro Photography

Photographing a wine bottle falls under the same rules as macro photography, but it is not exactly the same thing. Macro photography is defined as the subject being represented as its true size in the...[more]

Setting Up Artificial Lighting for Macro Photography

Macro photography is close up photography where artificial lighting is sometimes needed unless you're shooting outdoors. The technical definition is that the subject's actual size is reproduced on the photographic medium at an approximate one...[more]

7 Pose Ideas for Maternity Photos

Being pregnant is a wonderful and exciting time for a woman. As a result, maternity photos are increasingly becoming popular. Here are 7 pose ideas to help you produce great photos. 1. The Profile Shot...[more]

How To Photograph Sunsets

Very few photographers know exactly how to photograph sunsets, and this is indeed a very challenging and tricky task. That magical time of the day when the sky goes through unpredictable hues is hard to...[more]

Travel Photography: 5 Tips

More than capturing memories, travel photography is about preserving a location's culture, heritage and personality. Photographers on the go yearn to be able to capture the views, the sights, and the unique features of places...[more]

What Lenses Are Best for Graduation Photos

Graduation ceremonies are an important event documented through photography. The lenses you choose to use for graduation photos should give you the versatility to shoot in different conditions and locations. Different lenses are chosen for...[more]

Tips for Taking High School Graduation Photos

Ceremonies that mark important rites of passage are popular photography subjects. Professional-looking high school graduation photos can be achieved by using the following tips. Graduation Photo Tips Use a digital camera with fresh batteries and...[more]

Photographing Babies Milestones

Photographing babies in their first couple of years is always an exciting and rewarding experience, as it allows you to document and measure how much your baby has grown and developed in that time. There...[more]

Christmas Photography: Macro Mode

One of the best ways to get some good shots out of your Christmas photography is to use the macro mode function on your camera. Many people take pictures blithely, without even realizing what this...[more]

4 Unique Ideas for Christmas Photos

One of the most popular things to do during the holidays is to take Christmas photos. Whether it be point and shoot shots at a party or going to a professional for a holiday family...[more]

Tips to Choose Equipment for Graduation Photography

Graduation photography is a tough field to specialize in. Because so many people attending the ceremony bring their own cameras, you need to have an edge over them. That edge is being up close to...[more]

Five Tips for Getting Great Birthday Photos with a Point and Shoot

Point and shoot cameras take great photographs with minimal effort because so many of the controls are automatic. This makes it the ideal camera for shooting your average birthday photos. Here are 5 tips to...[more]

How to Take Professional Looking Graduation Photos with a Point-and-Shoot

You don't have to be a professional photographer to capture some great graduation photos with a simple point and shoot camera. Here are a few simple tricks for capturing some great photos. Know Your Camera...[more]

Unique Ideas for Making your own Graduation Photo Album

If you have a collection of graduation photos, a good idea is to consolidate them all into one handy photo album. You can make plenty of suitable albums just from things which are in your...[more]

What Should the Graduate Wear during their Graduation Photos

There are several things to consider when taking graduation photos. One of the main things is what to wear. Follow the tips below to get quality pictures. No Patterns Choose something that does not clash...[more]

Unique Ideas for a Newborn Photo Album

Newborn photo albums can be so exciting to make because they celebrate the beginning of a new life. They will always be an item that parents will treasure when their children grow. They also will...[more]

How to Light Graduation Photos

When you are taking graduation photos, you want to be sure that you get the best pictures possible. In order to do this, you want to be sure that you are able to get good...[more]

Christmas Photography: Before and After Shots

A great way of taking perfect Christmas photography shots is to take pictures before and after the Christmas party. The before and after of each party will take you into the very beginning and very...[more]

Halloween Photography: Diffuse Your Flash

In order to get the best from your Halloween photographs, you will need to take some pictures after it gets dark. That's when the ghouls and witches come out, after all. The most common method...[more]

Maternity Photography: Studio vs. Location

Taking pictures of expectant mothers is another area for both professional and amateur photographers, and maternity photography is a big business. There are many styles the expectant mother can choose from, including being photographed with...[more]

Shutter Speed and Candid Birthday Photos

Birthday photos can be a lot of fun, but also very frustrating if you do not know how to do them correctly. You will find that there are several different hints and tricks that can...[more]

5 Graduation Photo Poses

The photo poses you choose for graduation pictures will greatly affect the overall sense the picture gives. You want to be able to capture your personality in the photo, and the posing will have a...[more]

4 Unique Ideas for Graduation Photos

When it comes to graduation photos, you will find that a lot of the poses can look cliché. There are a lot of different ideas and things that you can do to make your graduation...[more]

Baby Photography: Shooting on Location

Shooting a baby picture on location is one way in which baby photography can move itself out of the formal studio and into settings which reflect the youth and vulnerability of the child. If you...[more]

Newborn Baby Photography: Timing is Key

Newborn baby photography is vital if you want to create a photographic timeline of your child's growing experience. Capturing photos this early in life can be a challenge, but one that's well worth overcoming. Here...[more]

On-Camera Flash vs. External Flash

When it comes to the flash on your camera, you will find that there are a few different ways that you can go. The two most popular ways are external flash and on-camera flash. You...[more]

Maternity Photography: Including the Family

Maternity Photography will help to make the wonder of giving birth memorable and special. Although the process mainly affects the woman, it's magical for everyone involved. That's why it's such a good idea to include...[more]

Birthday Photos: How to Shoot Lit Candles

Taking birthday photos is a very important job because it will help everyone to remember the special occasion. Few people enjoy getting older, but almost everyone enjoys celebrating their birthday with friends. Some of the...[more]

Tips for Photographing Babies and their Parents

If you are starting on a project which involves photographing babies, then you may need some help to get the best out of this skill. Babies are not always willing photographic subjects, and it can...[more]

Holiday Photos: How to Take a Good Group Picture

Good holiday photos should evoke a sense of happiness and nostalgia. If you are planning a get together for the holidays, a few simple steps will help you capture the perfect group photo. Prepare First...[more]

7 Steps to Pack your Camera Bag and Equipment Securely

Knowing how to pack camera bag securely will protect your expensive equipment during travel. The last thing you want is to unpack your camera to find something has been damaged. Here are a few simple...[more]

Baby Photography: Eye Contact

Baby photography can be an exciting and rewarding experience. It can also be a pleasurable hobby, as parents are often pleased to see pictures of their precious child, and you can practice plenty of interesting...[more]

Photographing Babies and their Parents: Depth of Field

Photographing babies and their parents is not always very easy, but you can do it if you take a little time to learn the necessary skills. One of the main topics you will need to...[more]

Unique Ideas for Birthday Photos

Birthday photos can be found in everyone's scrapbook. They should capture the excitement of the day and bring back fond memories. Most photos of birthday celebrations tend to be candid photos, but there are several...[more]

5 Steps to Taking Great Outdoor Graduation Photos

If you have been asked to take outdoor graduation photos, there are a number of steps you can take to ensure that you are shooting high quality photographs. Taking photos outdoors can be significantly more...[more]

Baby Photography: Tips for Lighting

If you are engaging in baby photography in some capacity, you will want to learn how to make the most out of your lighting options. Simply shining a bright light on a baby is probably...[more]

Newborn Baby Photography: Tips for Keeping Baby Sleepy

When doing newborn baby photography, it makes everyone's job easier if the child you are photographing is reasonably sleepy throughout the photography session. As a rule, sleepy children are much more agreeable and less likely...[more]

Unique Ideas for a Maternity Photo Album

Maternity photos can bring new life into a relationship, preserve the memories of pregnancy, and allow a mother to feel closer to her child. While compiling a maternity photo album can contain the normal maternity...[more]

Maternity Photography: Comfort and Beauty

Maternity photography is quickly becoming popular in our culture, to celebrate the beauty of pregnancy. To do this, the bare naked stomach of the mother to be is shown. This could also include topless photos...[more]

How to Light Maternity Photos

Maternity photos are increasingly becoming popular. Being pregnant is a beautiful experience for a mother, and she may want to capture the moment so she can treasure it forever. Because a pregnancy is an emotional...[more]

How to Capture the Best Graduation Candids

If you have been charged with capturing photographs of a student on graduation day, you may be wondering what the best techniques are for capturing candids. Conventional wisdom is that you should try to capture...[more]

Unique Ideas for Holiday Photos

Great holiday photos will capture the excitement and anticipation of the holiday season. Whether this is through the excitement on a child's face while waiting for Santa, or through a group dressed up for a...[more]

6 Prop Ideas for Newborn Baby Photography

Newborn baby photography is well-known for using props to provide size context to your newborn and to simply add to the cuteness of the photo. If you are a photographer looking for creative prop ideas...[more]

Shoe Mounted Flash Photography

When using a digital camera for the first time, it will be important to determine what type of flash options you will have at your disposal. One of the best options for taking flash photographs...[more]

When Not to use a Fill Flash

A fill flash is a technique used in photography that will balance out light and create a photo that pops. Using this technique is common in outdoor photography. Even if the sun provides enough light,...[more]

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