Importing Shapes into DVD Studio Pro

Shapes cut through one video image to reveal another in DVD Studio Pro. One of the ways to do this is by using Photoshop to create the shape. A shape is a container that appears in the form of a graphical icon - any graphic or image that you create. Shape items are all made up of a four layer Photoshop PSD document. Once these layers are created, your shape or image can be imported into DVD Studio Pro. The basic steps to import a shape from Photoshop to DVD Studio Pro are listed below.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Shapes created in Photoshop
  • DVD studio pro

Step 1: Creating a Shape Layer

Open a blank Photoshop document, and create a simple rectangle around the outer guided area using your selection tool. The gradient tool will be used to create a blue and gray gradient. Deselect and then reselect the inner area by using the closest guides. Remove the inner area of the gradient by pressing your "delete" key. You have just created your first shape.

Step 2: Creating the "Highlight" Layer

Create a second layer and label it "highlight". Select a rectangle that borders the blue and gray gradient you just made. Use the selection tool to choose the area that is the closest to the blue and white gradient, then paint the area black using the paint bucket tool. With the selection tool, choose a rectangular area with the inner guides, then delete the inner area by pressing your delete key. You should now have two layers. Highlight is the top layer, and Shape is the bottom layer. When you turn off the visibility for these 2 layers, the Shape layer will only have the blue gradient and the Highlight layer will only have a black rectangle. 

Step 3: Creating the "Icon" Layer

The "icon" layer is a copy of both the highlight and shape layers. Choosing the highlight and the icon layers lets you see the Shape in the DVD Studio Pro shape palette. Right click the Highlight and the Shape layers one at a time and select duplicate. Then, merge the Highlight Copy and Shape Copy together. Once they are merged together, name this layer Icon.

Step 4: Creating the Mask Layer

This label is always at the bottom. Once mask layer is created, move it to the bottom of the Layer palette. With all visibility turned off, select the mask layer. Create a selection that will border the blue gradient from the inside and paint the selection white. Using the pull down menu, choose "Select Inverse," then paint the outer area black. 

Step 5: Importing Shapes

Now you can use your drop zone to import image files and mpeg video into DVD Studio Pro (drop zones and assets you imported into your custom palette). These images and files can be converted into drop zones from the Studio Pro menu. When you open the Studio Pro advanced option, you can open the palette shapes tab. In the sub menu option, you can import your shapes. 

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