How WPPI Helps Wedding Portrait Photographers

Wedding portrait photographers specialize in capturing that special day, using portrait techniques. While there are many people in this business, many wedding portrait photographers don’t know about the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International Association. Joining this organization can help you gain exposure and network with other photographers.


This organization got its start in the late 1970s when photographers wanted to have a group solely dedicated to wedding photography, and Rangefinder Magazine spearheaded the creation of this group. In 1979, the first advisory board for the group was formed, and it held its first convention in Las Vegas in 1980.

The organization now holds a trade show and convention every year at the MGM Grand Hotel in Las Vegas, and this event attracts over 12,000 attendees and over 300 vendors.


Networking is important in any business since it allows you to get to know others in your field, and it may even land you some potential contacts who can help you find work. If you are a new photographer, you can find photographers in your area who can help you learn the business via internships or work shadowing.

Experienced photographers can also benefit from networking since many heavily booked photographers will often pass off work to either their friends or contacts. It also helps you get your name out there.

Advancements in the Business

Besides networking, you can also walk around the tradeshow floor and see the latest advancements in the photography business. For example, you may find the latest digital cameras or lenses that improve the quality of your photographs, giving you an edge in the business.

You can also see wedding photography trends at these conventions, including what couples are looking for in wedding photographers and portrait techniques. You can also learn more about the business of wedding portrait photography from industry experts.