How to Use Sex Appeal in Fashion Photography

In fashion photography, a little sex appeal can go a long way. Read the tips below for some tips and tricks ib using sex appeal to your advantage in photo shoots.

Start Out Conservative

If you ask the model to bear too much or get too provocative too early in the photo shoot, he or she may be uncomfortable for the rest of the shoot. Simply ask them to give a seductive look into the camera or pose a certain way. Baring more skin is not the only way to use sex appeal. In fact, too much sexy material may be frowned upon and compromise the integrity of your photos. Although it may seem like it would spice up the portrait, too much sexy additives may take away from the fashion being shot. The viewer may concentrate more on the body and look of the model and begin to lose interest in the fashion or accessories being worn.

Use Facial Expressions

It is not just all about the clothing a model wears. The sensuality of the eyes can make a huge impact in the shoot as well. Have the model tilt his or her head down and look up at the camera. It may sound cliché but tell the model to attempt to seduce the camera. Although the first couple of shots may look strange and forced, after while the model will begin to loosen up and have fun.

Focus on the Mouth

A mouth has always been a very sexual part of the body. Any attention drawn to it will add instant sex appeal to a photo. Have the model put his or her finger up to the mouth, as if chewing on a fingernail. Also, when taking a photo, have the model leave their lips open a little bit. This looks more natural than forcing the lips shut in order to look more serious.

Use Props

Have the model sit on the edge of a chair and arch their back. This gives the appearance of a long, sleek body which will add sexuality to a photo. This may be hard to pull off without looking forced but have the model wrap one of their legs around a slim pole. Again, this will be hard to not look like an exotic dancer but after a few shots the model should begin to be less tense and rigid. Using an item such as a boa to drape along a neck will bring attention to the revealed skin.


Sometimes, sex appeal is not all about showing cleavage or lots of leg. There are several other body parts that are surprisingly sexy. A man's long, lean arms can add instant sex to a photo. A woman's revealed neck and shoulders is sure to spice up the picture. Try different poses and positions to decide what works best for you. Just keep moving so that the photo does not become too static.

If you follow the ideas listed above, you are sure to get some seriously sexy shots. Keep shooting and over time you will find out what works best for you.

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