How To Use Compressor's Batch Templates

Batch templates help to make your transcoding work flow easier and faster. These are particularly good if you repeat the same jobs. Here are a few steps to show you a fast and easier way to use batch templates in Compressor.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Compressor

Step 1: Choosing Your Batch Template

The first step is to open up the Compressor icon in the Applications folder to choose a template. The batch template chooser has the standard apply batch template options. If you are a more advanced user, you can create custom batch templates. Select an option from the Batch Template Chooser. Apple's standard batch templates are Create Podcast Audio, Create DVD, Create Blu-ray, Publish to Apple TV, Publish to YouTube, Publish to MobileMe. You should make your choice based on the way you plan to use the output media file you create. You may use the manual method if one of Apple's templates does not suit your need. Once you have found a template, click Choose.

Step 2: Adding the Source Media File

You can add a source file by dragging it from the Finder or from the desktop over to the placeholder job in the Batch window. You will only be able to drag one source file since the batch templates contain one job. If you attempt to drag multiple files over to the job, they will all be ignored except the last file. 

Step 3: Submitting Your Batch

Your job will be ready for processing once it has a source media file, a setting, a destination and a file name for the output. Click the Submit button in order to submit the batch that has your job. You will see a dialog box appear where you can type in a name for this batch. You can also set the batch priority. You can use the default settings and submit too. Once your batch has been submitted, you will be able to open Compressor History or Batch Monitor window to monitor the progress of transcoding.

Step 4: Using Post-Transcoding Actions

Just about every batch will have an automatic post-transcoding action. Once Compressor has finished transcoding a batch template job to an output media file, it will enforce an automatic action like uploading the file to a YouTube account, or burning a DVD.

Step 5: Saving Your Custom Batch Templates

Optionally, you can save your custom batch templates.

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