How to Take Photos of Rainbows

Taking photos of rainbows is one of life's simple pleasures. Follow these tips listed below to ensure a great photograph of these amazing weather phenomenons.

Think of the Angle

Changing the angle of the photograph may help bring out the color and intensity of the rainbow. If you are in a vehicle, be sure to pay attention to whether the color is becoming more intense or less intense. If the color is becoming less intense, attempt moving further away from the rainbow or perhaps moving diagonally to bring out the true color of the rainbow. Be sure to take little steps to or from the rainbow so that you do not lose the rainbow (and not find it again).

Photo Software

If you have gotten a weak picture of a rainbow, consider using photo editing software in order to bring out the picture. You may be able to get the color to pop more in the picture. You can even add colors to the rainbow to give it a magical effect.


Consider taking dozens of pictures of one rainbow. You are bound to get one good picture of the rainbow. If you do not, consider it good practice as to what not to do next time. The best time to take pictures of rainbows is right after the rainfall, so be sure to have your camera ready during the spring months. Rainbows may also be available during the winter months as snow falls against the sky. This can present an especially aesthetically pleasing image. The appearance of snow against a rainbow can surprise many viewers.


Be sure that the background of the rainbow is clean and uncluttered. You do not want anything behind the rainbow, as this may take away from the intensity of the photorgraph. You may not be able to see the photograph if you take it with a very busy building in the background. Consider using a simple sky as your backdrop. Consider a dark background so that the rainbow will look more intense. Do not use a multicolored background because you may run the risk of blending the rainbow into the background.

End Point

Consider not just photographing the rainbow, but also the end of the rainbow. Think of where the rainbow ends and attempt to put an interesting spin onto the picture. Have the rainbow land on a sunny meadow or for more of a gritty feel, put it against a tired building to give a feeling of transformation. To be funny, have a person stand at the end of the rainbow with some fake gold to add to the old wives tale that there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

Zoom and Wide Angle Perspectives

Consider using different zooms and angles to see which produces the best results. A wide angle lens can produce amazing results by photographing the entire rainbow, but zooming in on only part of the rainbow can also be very beautiful and breathtaking. Experiment with different brands of zooms and lenses to find the ones that most suit your needs.