How to take Memorable Santa Christmas Photos

Taking Christmas photos can be very tricky sometimes, especially if you intend to have Santa in them. With the jolly old man in your shot, you have to make sure that your photos bring out the best in him. The last thing you would want is a Christmas photo depicting Santa as boring and stiff. There are many ways to make sure that you snap that memorable Santa photo that exudes warmth and cheer.

Plan Your Photo

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to Santa. First, you should find out how you want to show Santa in your picture. Do you want a solo shot of the merry fellow? Do you plan to have your kids in the shot, or are you having a picture with Santa and your pets instead? Is it a candid Santa shot or a posed one? Picture your shot in your head, and know the kind of Santa picture you're aiming for.

Set Up Your Scene

Now that you've decided on a good Santa pose and framing, you have to find the perfect setting for it. The most common picture is Santa on a chair by the tree or by a fireplace. Just because this is a common set-up doesn't mean that it has to be boring. Just go with your ideal set-up that is most comfortable for you and your subject.

Light It Right

You wouldn't want to flood your Santa scene with too little or too much light. Bringing out warmth and cheer in your photo is vital, and lighting can help you achieve this. Just give your subjects a soft glow, and make sure that if you have any other light sources in the picture, that it is depicted well in your shot. Adjust your settings accordingly so you don't drown out those Christmas lights, candles, or fireplace flame.

Be Ready

Especially if you're shooting with kids or pets, capturing the perfect moment is most crucial to getting that memorable Santa shot. You know how kids can be very active; it's almost impossible to make them pose. Besides, you wouldn't want a stiff, posed Santa shot. You would want a Santa picture that is natural and relaxed. So snap on that tripod, compose your frame, and even consider taking pictures in bursts. That way, you're sure to capture that special moment between Santa and your subject.

The same goes if you're taking a solo picture of Santa. A bearded jolly fat man smiling at the camera is not really the best photo you can take. Have Santa enjoy a plate of cookies, have him read a book, or even place presents under the tree. Capture every moment and for sure, you will end up with a most memorable and imaginative Santa picture.


Don't be boxed up by your ideal picture. Give yourself a little more room for imagination. Consider taking dynamic pictures of Santa and your subject. You might want to go handheld for this, and experiment with various angles and shots. Take a macro shot of Santa's boots or glasses, go off frame, or tilt your camera radically. These dynamic shots are sure to churn out some memorable and creative Santa photos.

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