How to Start Your Own Digital Photography Magazine

Starting your own digital photography magazine will make it possible to showcase your photos. This makes it very easy to make a name for yourself and also stand a chance of making some money. It's actually fairly easy to start your own photography magazine, but making it survive can be quite tricky.

There are many different magazines available about digital photography. This means that you will need to differentiate your magazine to make it stand out from the crowd. This also means that you will be able to attract customers to buy and read your magazine.

Step 1: Naming the Magazine

The first thing that you will need to do is come up with a name for your magazine. It's important that the name is easy to remember and catchy. The name also mustn't already be in use. This can take a long time to decide; it is difficult to choose a relevant name that you can use.

Step 2: Planning

You now need to think of relevant content to put in your magazine. To launch your magazine successfully, you really need to be an expert in the field of photography or hire people who are. You will need to spend some time planning exactly what you will put in your magazine. You could make it into a tips magazine which features techniques and solutions to common photography problems.

You might also like to showcase your readers work by having a gallery of some type. Decide exactly how you will design your magazine. This will help you to correctly focus the reader base of your publication. Magazines can be aimed at professionals, amateurs or seasoned photographers.

Step 3: Making Content

You will need to spend time making content which is unique and interesting. Try to write something that provides value to your readers as this will make your magazine much more popular. You might also consider hiring photographers who can write how to tips and information about cameras. Remember to include lots of pictures which help people to understand exactly how to take various photos.

Step 4: Including Reviews

You could also decide to include reviews on popular photography equipment. This would be a very popular feature to offer, as it will help people understand exactly what equipment they should invest in.

Step 5: Designing the Magazine

Once you have finished writing your content, you then need to start designing the magazine. Use software like Adobe InDesign to lay out the pages so that they can be printed or published online easily. Take the time to perfect the magazine design so that it is as professional looking as possible.

You will also need to come up with a logo and front cover design. This is something that's very time consuming to do properly. If you are not capable of doing this yourself, then you should hire professionals.

Step 6: Publishing the Magazine

When your first edition is finished, you then need to publish it. The easiest and cheapest way of doing this is to publish it on the Internet. However, you might also want to try and get your magazine in print.

Step 7: Promoting Your Magazine

However you publish your magazine, you will also need to promote it so people know that it exists.