How to Start a New Project in Adobe Premiere

The first step to editing your videos in Adobe Premiere is to create a new project. There are two ways to do this in Adobe Premiere. When Premiere is first opened, it takes a few minutes for the program to load. When it's finished, a menu appears asking you to 'Open a Project' or 'Create a New Project'. Click 'Create New Project' to begin the process.

Project Settings

The 'New Project' window will appear, and you will begin making the overall setting for the project. This window contains two tabs: 'General' and 'Scratch Disk'.


The 'General' settings include: the settings of the title safe area, the display formats for the video (time code video vs. film feet) and audio, the file formats for audio and the video that will be captured, and where on your hard drive the project will be saved. This is also where you will enter the name of your project.

Scratch Disk

The 'Scratch Disk' setting cover is where your rendered files from the project will be stored. The selection of this area is very important because video editing can eat up a lot of hard drive space. Source video files take up a lot of room, but so do preview files. Each time you render your effects to see how they look, a file is generated. If you're not properly managing it, you can all of a sudden see a disk full error message. This might cause your computer to crash, which will make you lose your unsaved work. 

Plan Ahead

Selecting where you're files are stored now will save you a lot of headaches. If you move a file later, then you need to manually enter where it is now or the program will read it as off line. It's a very tedious process that can cause a lot of unneeded work to be fixed. Prevent that by effectively managing your hard drive space before you start the project.


The next step is to create a new sequence (time line). In the 'New Sequence' menu, you will enter the sequence presets, like what kind of video format are you editing. You will enter the frame rates, track numbers and a name for the sequence. Once all the info is in, click 'OK'.

You can now edit your new project.

The Other Way

If you're working on a project and want to create a new one just click 'File'-> 'New' -> 'New Project' and the New Project window will appear.


You can change the scratch disks in the project after the fact if you need to. You can also create new sequences easily that are in different video formats too, instead of creating a new project. 

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