How to Set the Frame to Reduce Red Eyes in Pictures

Red eyes in pictures can decrease the quality of your photos. Some cameras have red eye reduction, but this only reduces the problem, it doesn't eliminate it. Here are some simple tips for setting up your frame so that you have a fighting chance against the red eye enemy.

Don't Use the Flash

Red eye is caused when the light from a camera's flash enters the subjects eye and is reflected back at the lens. The most efficient way to eliminate the problem is to not use the flash. Shoot your photos in a spot where the existing light is adequate enough to expose your shot.

Don't Rely on Zoom

Don't rely on your zoom too much, because that will make red eye more likely to happen. If you need to get a close up, then move the camera closer to the subject.

Shoot at an Angle

Shoot the subject at a slight angle. This will reduce the light bouncing from the eyes back into the lens, which in turn reduces red eye. If the subject is looking dead on at the camera, then that light is all being reflected back at the lens guaranteeing that red eyes will ruin your shot.

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