How to Select a Camera for Digital Graduation Photos

Graduation ceremonies are important events to document through photography. With the right digital camera, your graduation photos can produce professional looking results. The following are key considerations when selecting the right camera with which to take digital graduation photos:

Easy to Use Controls

A point and shoot digital camera is easy to use and offers user friendly controls. This is beneficial for inexperienced users. The controls will allow the user to set the resolution, flash and macro modes easily by using preset controls. An experienced photography buff can also consider a camera that allows for manual settings.

Exposure Settings

Most point and shoot cameras will only allow you to make shots in an automatic mode, where the picture is taken when you press the shutter release. However, more advanced cameras will have controls to adjust the exposure settings that determine lens opening and shutter speed. These options will enable you to take photos showing movement easily.


Most digital cameras have a range of 2 to 8 megapixels. This number determines the amount of detail you will capture in your photos. The lower the number of megapixels, the less detail that is captured. Some digital cameras may come with the option of choosing the amount of megapixels to use depending on your needs. For graduation photos, a megapixel number of at least 3 or 4 is recommended. However, if you plan to make enlarged prints, a camera with 5 megapixels or above will be your best choice.

Zoom Controls

Choose a digital camera that has the option of an optical zoom. This type of zoom will move the camera's lens to zoom in on a target. For the best picture quality, select a camera with a 3x optical zoom. Using a digital zoom can result in poor picture quality as the camera takes the image generated in the camera's microchip and digitally magnifies that image. Be clear on the type of zoom offered on the camera you are considering, as some advertisements or descriptions can be confusing.

Extended Battery Life

Your camera will need to have the adequate power to take photos for extended periods of time. Keep in mind that the cost of the camera is not in direct relation to battery life. Select a camera that will have good battery life for the best quality graduation photos.

Choose the Right Camera for Your Experience Level

Do not assume that the highest megapixel or the most expensive camera is your best option. It is important to start with a good point and shoot camera first. Once you have grown your photography skills, you can move up to the more advanced models.

Buy your camera early so that you can practice using it prior to the graduation ceremony. The more familiar you are with your new camera, the better graduation photos you will take.

Popular Cameras for High Quality Photos: