How to Rasterbate Large Images

To rasterbate essentially means creating a picture that is much larger than the actual piece of media it is being printed on. This is achieved by printing out the picture in smaller sections. Each of these sections is the equal to the actual size of the discrete printing media. These sections are then connected in order to generate a much larger image or poster.

Step 1 - Download the Software

You can download any software designed to Rasterbate. There is a wide selection available ranging from – online solutions to commercially downloadable and freeware software. One of the best is the Homokaasu Rasterbator Software, which is a freeware. Further instructions apply to Homokaasu Rasterbator Software, but are more or less valid for any other software of your choice.

Step 2 - Selecting Parameters

Once the software is downloaded and installed onto your computer, you can select the image size that you want to put up on the wall. This could range anywhere from 6 pages to 160 pages. It is advised that you start out with a maximum poster size of 9pages because cutting the edges of a lot of pages can be taxing the very first time you do it.

Load up the software and simply select the image to be converted to a poster and then drag the transformation handles at the edge to setup a convenient paper size and division for the final poster.

Once done, hook up the printer to the computer and fire the print command. Collect all the printouts and arrange them accordingly. Now, cut off the edges and tape the parts together to generate the poster.