How To Make your Home Movies Watchable

Home movies have always had a bad reputation for being long, boring and highly amateur. Oftentimes, the only people interested in seeing your homemade videos are parents and grandparents. These movies are supposed to capture unforgettable memories and serve as mementos of nostalgia in your old age. For films that are meant to be preserved for several decades, you would of course want to create a home video that will be pleasant and entertaining to watch. Here are some tips to make sure that your home videos don't appear too amateur and uninteresting.

1. Know Your Camera

This is probably one of the most important tips that you simply cannot bypass. Knowing your tool inside out and learning how to use it effectively is the key to a watchable home movie. Most video cameras nowadays have settings for different types of shots and scenarios. If you're shooting outdoors, you wouldn't want your movie washed out and overly bright. If you're shooting indoors without ample artificial light, you would want to set your camera to still be able to have visible images. Learn the ropes of your gear and you'll surely churn out videos that look more professional.

2. Use a Tripod

You don't have to be a professional to use a tripod. You don't even need a fluid-head one, a simple one will do as long as it can keep your camera steady. One of the most infamous signs of a bad home movie is shaky camera work. This makes the home video highly unwatchable. So keep that shot steady and mount your camera on a tripod.

3. Rule of Thirds

Yes it may sound very cliché, but keeping the rule of thirds in mind will result in better shot composition, therefore making your home movies appear more professional. This basic rule dictates that you should mentally divide your screen into three, both, horizontally and vertically. Your subject should be placed along the lines and intersections of these divisions. This will make a more interesting and professional-looking shot. Rarely, is it advisable to place the subject at the dead-center of your screen.

 4. Zoom In

Most home movies are shot from afar, or have too many subjects that clutter up the screen, making it an unpleasant watch. Don't be afraid to zoom in to actions and reactions. For instance, if you're shooting someone unwrapping a gift, do zoom in on the action itself. Don't forget to pan around and shoot close ups of the audience's reactions too.

5. Edit

To make your home video really watchable, you should prepare to edit it. You don't have to hire a professional editor. You can even download free software online and edit your video yourself. Placing a title on your video, deleting unwanted shots and adding some musical score can certainly go a long way. All you need is a little creativity and you can come up with a superb home movie that will prove to be entertaining and watchable.   
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