How to Make Your Equine Photography Look Pro

If you aren't familiar with equine photography, equine photography involves taking pictures of horses. There is nothing better than taking a close-up shot of a creature that is as beautiful as a horse. This guideline will go over a few equine photography tips.

Different Angles

You will obtain the best equine shots through experimenting. For example, if you are taking a shot of a horse jumping a fence, shoot up from the ground. While straight away shots of horses are beautiful, you will get professional, magazine quality shots by testing out different shooting angles.

Close-up Shots

Proximity to the horse is the key to taking professional equine shots. Having a camera with a good optical zoom is a must for equine photography. If your camera has poor zoom, consider investing in a telephoto lens. Horses are majestic creatures, so you want to get as close to the horse as possible so that you can show his features in detail.

Minimize the Background

To get professional equine photography, you want the horse to be the main focus of your shot. That means that you have to minimize the background that surrounds the horse that you are photographing. When you are taking equine photography, distractions that you want to keep out of photos include spectators, arena fences, barrels, trailers and other horses. This can be difficult, but as a photographer, you will have to survey the horse barn and surrounding areas to find a location that has minimal background noise.