How to Make Amateur Reportage Wedding Photography

Reportage wedding photography is a photo journalistic style in covering the events on a wedding day. It is more informal and does not generally pose people, but tries to capture moments naturally as they occur. Here are a few tips on making amateur reportage wedding photography.

1. Know What the Couple Wants

It is necessary to sit with the couple and ask them if they want any particular things covered and make a list accordingly, so that you can refer to it through the event and make sure you have complied with all their requests.

2. Know the Location

If you are starting off on reportage wedding photography, it would be advantageous to visit the wedding venue before the event takes place. You can scout the place to get an idea of the various places and angles from where you can take the shots and how the light is going to work out.

3. Equipment

It is always better to be prepared for any eventuality and hence carry extra batteries, memory cards, flash, and lenses and so on. If it is possible carry two cameras, one fitted with a wide angle lens and another with a telephoto.

4. Attend the Rehearsal

Even if you are not needed to cover the rehearsal, you can go along to get a feel of how the sequence of the ceremony is going to take place. Here you can also gather useful information about family members and where they will be positioned.

5. Do not be Timid or Obtrusive

While covering the wedding you will need to maintain a fine balance between not being timid and at the same time not being aggressive as well. Timidity will not help you get the great shots and obtrusiveness on your part might disrupt the event.