How to Lock a Track in Adobe Premiere

Sometimes when you're editing a fairly complex project, you might want to lock a track. Locking a track prevents anything on it from being moved, altered or even selected. An example of when you would want to lock a track is if you were editing a music video. You're not going to do anything to change the music, so you would lock the music track to prevent it from accidentally getting deleted or altered. Locking and unlocking tracks in Adobe Premiere is extremely easy. Here's how to do it:


Once you're sure you don't want to change anything on the track in the immediate future, you should lock it. Simply select the track and click on the empty square box next to the track's name. A small lock should appear in the box and the track will be shaded. Nothing can be altered until you unlock it.


If you want to go back and make changes in the track, then you need to unlock it. Just click on the box with the lock in it. The lock will disappear and the track won't be shaded anymore. It's now unlocked.

Important Notes about Locking

You should get into the habit of locking because it will save you time by preventing errors from occurring on the track, such as accidentally deleting clips. Usually you don't notice these errors until it's too late. You can't click undo them because you're not sure exactly when they happened. The only thing you can do at this point is reedit the work you already did. If you're not working with the layer, then lock it. 

You can also lock multiple tracks at once. In fact, when you're project is completed, you should lock all of the tracks so that nothing is altered in the edit. This way, you don't need to waste time hunting for where an accident, after the fact, might have occurred. Protect yourself and your work.

Locked tracks override linked clips. For example, your in camera audio is synced to the video, but if you lock that audio's track, you can move the video clips while the audio stays still. The clips are still linked, they're just out of sync. Fortunately, the good folks at Adobe know that this could be a problem. If linked clips become unsynced, then there will be a display saying how much they've been moved. It will let you know if the linked audio is 15 frames ahead of it's linked video clip.

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