How To Levels & Curves And Control Points in Viveza

Viveza is a very popular image editing application which can be used to perform all kinds of simple edits to a photograph. When using Viveza, many of these edits are much easier than they would normally be. Adjusting the levels and control points gives you complete control over the darkness of your image.

Using Vivezeza is very simple, and it makes it possible to make all sorts of adjustments to your images. Viveza is a plugin for Photoshop and adds additional features on top.

Tools and Materials Needed

  • Photoshop
  • Viveza
  • Digital Image

Step 1: Loading Your Photo

The first thing to do is load your photo into Viveza. This is very simple and is simply done by opening the application and then selecting your photo by pressing File, Open. It might take some time for your computer to actually load the photo into the application.

Step 2: Selecting Enhancement Area

Viveza works in a unique way because it's really easy to use. To adjust the colors in an image, you use the levels and curves control. By setting control points, it's also possible to adjust various parts of the image. Creating your own control points is very simple. It's just a matter of clicking on a certain part of the image and then turning it into a control point. Selecting a control point will automatically tell you the colors which are used for that part of the image. This will make adjustments very easy.

Clicking somewhere on the image will create a control point and this will be automatically added onto the control point list. There are also previews available for each control point to see exactly what they look like.

Step 3: Making Adjustments

With a control point selected, you can then click on the details tab. This shows the main details for the control point and makes it possible to make any adjustments as required.

Step 4: Adjusting Control Points

Control points are easy to adjust and it's simply a matter of clicking and dragging the sliders. Small adjustments with the levels sliders can completely change the look and feel of your image. Some experimentation will be required to make your image look the best it can.

Spend some time playing around with the different control points so that you can perfect the look of your photograph.

Step 5: Accepting Changes

Once you have finished making the changes, you then need to accept them by clicking the apply button. This will apply the changes to the image. Of course, if any mistakes have been made, you can always undo the changes by clicking Edit, Undo or pressing Control and Z.

Once you are happy with the changes, you can then save the image. The image can be saved to your computer as a Photoshop file which will make it easy to edit further in the future. It can also be saved as a normal image file if you prefer. Saving it as an image file makes it possible to share it on the Internet or get it printed.

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