How To Get the Best Video of your Child's Sports Games

We now live in an age where everyone has access to a video camcorder. As parents, the biggest benefit of this technological revolution is that you can now preserve the memories of your children forever. One of the ways to do this is to record your children's sports games.

Step 1: Get a Fluid Head Tripod

One of the worst things about home videos is a shaky camera. It might not bother you today, but it will in five years when you re-watch the video and find yourself turning it off due to a headache. Eliminate that problem with a fluid head tripod. The tripod will keep your shot level and steady. Make sure you get one that is at least as tall as you.

Because fluid head tripods are better than basic tripods, it should be pretty stable. What makes fluid heads better than regular tripods is that they come to a graceful stop when you're panning and tilting, so your moves don't come off as jerky. They cost a little more to buy than regular tripods, but the quality difference eclipses the price difference.

The tripod should also have a quick release plate on it so that you can quickly go from tripod to hand held if the need arises. Remember, the game won't wait for the parent taping it.

Step 2: Find a Great Place to View From

Because you're using a tripod, it won't be easy for you to move quickly unless you go hand held. So, pick a great spot where you can see most of the action from, and set your tripod up there.

Step 3: Get Different Angles

When there is a time out, there is a good opportunity for you to reposition yourself and get a new angle. After all, your tape is going to be boring to watch if it's basically the same shot. Move around so you can see everything. Remember, you're preserving the memory of that day.

Step 4: Follow the Action

Because your fluid head moves smoothly, you have the ability to follow the action of the game and your kid. Keep an eye on your child and the ball, and always be striving to get the best shots possible. You should always be alert when taping, with one eye on your shot and the other looking for the next one.

Popular Tripods: