How To Get the Best Video of your Child's Recital

Taking a video of a child's recital is important, as it serves as a lasting memory of this special event. As recitals only happen a few times over the child's life, it is vital to get the video right the first time. With making home videos of your child's recital, a little bit of knowledge can help immensely. Here are some considerations in order to get the best video of your child's recital.

Step 1: Know Your Gear

There are numerous brands and models of video cameras available in the market today. Parents need not buy the newest, most state of the art camera to make a great video. Parents can take great shots even with a basic setup. If you do not currently have a video camera yet, browse various shops and ask what types of video cameras will fit your needs. Once you find the perfect camera, read the manual from cover to cover. It contains more than just basic information and will tell you how to correctly use the equipment and all of its features. Understanding all of the video camera's capabilities will help you determine how to get the best shots during the recital.

Step 2: Practice Controlled Shots

Using the manual as reference, test all of the camera's features. Give yourself enough time to do this process before the recital. Videotape your attempts so you could use them as reference later on. Narrate or take note of the conditions or settings for each shot. Test the features while indoors and outdoors, as well as with different lighting sources. Camera effects such as fades will not appear during the actual shooting, but will only show once the tape is reviewed.

Camera shots are only as stable as your hand or the tripod which holds it. With parents that will be using a single camera, it is vital to choose your shots carefully and stay in one shot for at least 5 seconds before moving onto something else. This reduces making shaky and abrupt shots. If you intend to pan, do it slowly and in a controlled manner. The same goes with zooming in and out of a shot. You may not be able to record the entire recital, but at least you will have better shots as compared to having a shaky video throughout the recital.

Step 3: Plan Your Shots

This may not be always possible, but worth considering. Some studios will allow parents to see the rehearsals, which will allow you to have a better idea of what shots you can take and where. Arrive early at the recital so you have a choice of seats and setup your gear. Consider where your child will be standing in relation to the other kids in the group and the background. Mix up your shots to include close ups, along with medium and wide angle shots for variety.

In comparison to professional shots, you will not have the option of changing the existing lighting conditions. Avoid shooting a subject that is backlit or poorly lit. Some cameras have features which can compensate for these settings. A grasp of the cameras features will come in handy in these situations.

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