How To Get the Best Video of your Child's Graduation

A video is a great way to preserve the memories of some of the most important memories in your life. One of these memories that you'll want to keep is your child's graduation. Now, if you do plan on shooting this then you should try to do it right. You want the video to be the best that it can be so that in ten years you'll watch the entire thing instead of shutting it off after a minute because it's too shaky. So here is the best way to video tape your child's graduation.

Have the Right Equipment

If you want the video to look its best then you need to think about what will make it look awful and then work against that. The biggest enemy is a shaky camera. To counter that you will need a tripod. I recommend one that can be taller than you when it's fully extended. You should also buy one that has a leveling bubble in it so that way your video isn't crooked and looks straight.

The most important factor for choosing a good tripod should be the head. This is where the camera mounts and it's also where the panning and tilting happens. Get a tripod that has a quick release for the camera plate, that way if you need to move and go hand held you can quickly do it and not miss any of the action. You also want a tripod that has a fluid head. The fluid head lets the camera come to a gradual stop when being panned and tilted instead of having jerky stops. This will make your moves come out a lot more graceful than if you didn't have it.

Finding a Camera Position

So now that you have your camcorder and tripod the next step is to find a great angle to shoot from. Now, as an audience member you're probably limited to where you can view the graduation from so get there early. This way you'll be able to find the best angle before it becomes unavailable. 

White Balance

The final step in making your video look its best is to white balance. You should always white balance the camera when you move to different locations because light comes in many different colors. If you're shooting indoors and the camera was just outdoors then the image will have an orange tint to it. The same applies when going from inside to outside except the color has a blue tint. Always white balance to keep your colors in proper order.

Following these steps will give you a great video that you can watch for years to come

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