How to Expand Your Real Estate Photography Business

If you've started a real estate photography business, you will need to find a way to expand and enlarge your business. The industry is fairly competitive, which is why you will need to differentiate yourself from the competition and make it much easier for people to understand why they should hire your services.

Step 1: Deciding on a Customer Base

Before you can expand your real estate photography business, you will first need to give some consideration to the customers that you are targeting. Realize that your main customers will not be people buying the houses, but the real estate agents themselves.

Step 2: Virtual Tours

Photos of houses are very useful as they will help people to understand more about the house. However, it's possible to also offer virtual tours. These are becoming very popular as a way of giving people a guided tour of the home without needing to visit it.

To photograph virtual tours, you will need a specialist lens which is shaped like a dome. This will ensure that you can capture the whole room in one shot, and then use special software to turn this into a tour which can be navigated around using a computer.

Step 3: Promotion

In order for your business to survive, you will need to promote it. Promotion will help realtors to understand the services you offer and why they might want to hire you. Promotion can be difficult and will normally involve contacting lots of realtors individually. This will make it easier to find new customers who are interested in using your services.