How to Create Photo Graduation Announcements

To create great graduation announcements, you should include lots of high quality photographs. These photos will make the announcement stand out and look different than all of the others. The photos will also personalize the cards and make it easy for the recipient to know where the card is from.

These graduation cards will be sent to everyone that you know, to celebrate your graduation. You can buy graduation announcements easily in many shops, but by designing your own cards, you can include photos and make them look interesting.

Step 1: Choosing Materials

The first thing that you will need to do is choose the material that you want to use for your announcement. Almost all of these will be made from card, but there are also plenty of other materials you could use. Card is popular because it's so easy to work with and can also normally be printed with a regular printer.

You might also like to consider plastic graduation announcement cards. These are plastic covers which allow you to slide paper inside. It's possible to use an inkjet printer to design the paper, and then put it inside the plastic cover. Photos can be included on the paper to personalize and make the card much more special.

Step 2: Editing Photos

Open the photos that you plan to use in Photoshop or another photo editing application. Apply any touch ups or edit the photos however you want. Although you won't be printing large photos, it's still important to improve them by performing edits.

Step 3: Designing

Once you have chosen the type of material that you want to use, you then need to design the graduation announcement. This is easy using a normal computer with desktop publishing software. You can easily use this to include text, pictures and photographs. All of the elements can be moved around to make the design look better. The layout can be arranged to suit your personality and make it look more personal.

Remember to save your work on a regular basis. This will avoid any problems caused if your computer decides that it needs to be reset for any reason.

Step 4: Printing

Once you have finished with the design work, you can then print out the photographs and announcement card. If you are printing on card, then you will be able to print by putting the card into your printer. If you are using plastic cases, then you will need to print them on a separate piece of paper and then include this inside the case.

Step 5: Finishing Touches

With your announcement card printed out, you can then apply decoration and finishing touches. Stickers can be applied to the announcement cards to make them look more extravagant. There are lots of different things which can be added, and you might need to think about the subject you majored in when deciding on what to decorate the card with.