How to Create Contact Sheets

Producing contact sheets can be a very easy way of displaying the photos from a photo shoot to clients. These contact sheets will allow clients to take a look at the photos that you have captured and decide which ones they want to order prints of. This will also make it possible for them to easily compare between different photographs.

Using Photoshop

If you're working with digital photographs, then Photoshop makes it very simple to create your own contact sheets. Using Photoshop, it is possible to select the photos that you want to use and turn them into a professional looking contact sheet.

Placing Photos in Folders

The first thing that you should do is put all of the photos that you want to appear on a contact sheet in the same folder. Hopefully you have already gotten into the habit of doing this.

Creating the Contact Sheet

Now simply open Photoshop and select File, Automate and click Contact Sheet II. This will make a dialog box appear. Click on the browse button and navigate to the folder which contains all of your images. Choose the folder and click OK.

Enter all the details including how many photos you want on each page and how they are to be organized. You will see a preview of how the contact sheet will look at the top. When you are happy click OK and the contact sheets will be created. These can then be printed out and shown to your clients.