How To Avoid Shutter Lag

Shutter lag is something that can be very frustrating when you are trying to get an "in the moment" shot. Shutter lag is basically the delay that happens between the time when the shutter is pressed and the time that is taken to get the image saved into the memory card. You will notice this whenever you push down on the shutter and the flash does not happen right away. There are several things that can cause this, which means that there are several ways that you will be able to avoid this problem.

Materials Needed

  • Fresh Batteries
  • Camera Instructions

Step 1: Easy Fixes

There is an easy fix or two that you will be able to do on your camera. A lot of people are not very familiar with the settings that are on their camera. This means that changing a few settings can be a bit of a hassle. That is why something as simple as putting in fresh batteries can do wonders for your camera's case of shutter lag. This should always be the first thing that you do when you begin to notice this problem. It is usually the most common issue.

Step 2: Settings

Playing around with your settings is always a good way to get your camera working the way that you want it to. It is usually a good idea to get the instructions for your camera out so that you will be able to understand what each setting does for your camera. Look for the instant review mode on your camera. (This is where the picture shows up for review right after you've taken it.) This will help you to be able to take picture after picture with little to no lagging.

Step 3: Change the Way You Take Pictures

Whenever you are taking pictures, generally you will push down on the shutter and that's it. It may help whenever you begin to take a picture, to first push halfway down on the shutter button. This will allow your camera time to be able to get the exposure and focus set. Give it just a second or two before you go ahead and push all the way down on the shutter.

Step 4: Night Shooting

A lot of the times, shutter lag happens when the location is dark. This is because it takes the camera awhile to be able to get to a focus point. If you change your camera to manual focus, this will solve the problem and allow for you to be able to take the pictures much quicker.

Step 5: Camera Shopping

Whenever you are camera shopping, you should always look out for camera lag. Look to see how the camera that you are looking at compares to others when it comes to this issue. While not all cameras have this issue, it is something that some cameras still have trouble with. Even with the aforementioned fixes, some cameras will simply always have a bit of a lag to them.

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