How Much to Charge for Maternity Photography

The cost of maternity photography is not something which can be set in stone, as expectant mothers may have a range of desires which are difficult to fit together. They may want, for example, to have a finished picture which incorporates shots of their fetal scan or which emphasizes their baby bump. If you are considering maternity photographs, then you should consider a range of prices, including those for location and studio photographs.

Studio Shoots

Studio shoots for expectant mothers can include portrait shots, as well as poses with the father or other family members. These kinds of photoshoots will often be in black and white, and the mother may prefer to have the photographs in a digital form (rather than printed onto paper). Parents may display digital photographs on social networking sites, or pass the pictures through email to others, so be prepared to submit them on a CD rather than as prints. This will naturally affect the prices that you can charge for you pictures. You may charge more for a glossy print than for a digital download, but the charges should also reflect the amount of pictures that you hand over to the subject at the end of the shoot.

In addition to these expectations, you may also be asked to digitally alter your photographs, perhaps using Photoshop or a similar enhancement package. It has become fashionable to incorporate fetal scans into the picture, so be prepared to include charges for post-photography editing.

Location Shoots

Location shoots can be the bane of a photographer's life, and maternity photography is no different. As well as having to travel, sometimes to obscure locations, you will also be required to transport your own equipment, and once you are at the location, you will have to set up the photograph in areas which might not be well lit. In order to fully cover all of your costs, you will need to charge for travel expenses, including insuring the camera against theft or damage during the transportation. On the plus side, you will be able to take a wider range of shots, including less formal or candid shots, which will be less expensive to the mother.

Charging for Maternity Photography

As with all other forms of photography, you will have to carefully balance your charges. Charge too little, and you will not break even; charge too much, and you will drive away potential clients. You may choose to research other photographers in the area, and assess how much they are charging for similar work. This will help you to keep your own prices reasonable and competitive.

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