Home Movies: Never Miss Those 'Funniest Home Videos' Moments

Home movies are the kind of thing that you think of as corny when you're a kid but when you're a parent they take on different meaning because they preserve precious memories. One of America's television icons for the past couple of decades is the show "America's Funniest Home Videos." While you might not be comfortable sharing your family's intimate moments with the rest of the country you still want to record these moments so that you can have a great laugh over a happy memory twenty years from now. Here's how you can never miss those "Funniest Home Video" moments.

Keep Your Camcorder Close by

Keep your camcorder close by in an easy to access place so that you can have it ready in a couple minute's notice. This way if you get the sense that something worth recording is about to happen you're more than likely to be ready to capture that moment. 

Have Fully Charged Batteries

When you've just used the camcorder for a long period of time, make sure that you charge the batteries so that you're ready to shoot again. Nothing is worse then going to record something and then finding out the batteries are dead.

Be Vigilante

You need to develop a sense that something funny is about to happen in order to anticipate it. Now you should be pretty subtle about this because no one likes a person who is out to find something funny at their expense. Don't be an obnoxious video taper. In fact most people, and especially family members, will get annoyed pretty quickly when a camera is in their face. Anticipate something funny without being obnoxious and mean.

Tape a Lot

Statistically you have a much better chance of capturing a funny moment if you're shooting a lot. Most funny moments are unexpected and can't be anticipated. They only get recorded by chance. The more you shoot the better your chances at finding something.

Shoot Little Kids

Little kids are probably going to be the most friendly to your camera because they like attention as opposed the older kids who say "Get away from me. You're embarrassing me." Little kids are also cuter and more innocent than the older ones which means that there will be the potential for much funnier and cuter moments. Favor the younger children over the older ones. Besides, there's a certain magical time for a person when they're a little kid that gets lost with age. Preserve that moment with a video.

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