Home Movies: How Much Footage do you Really Need?

Learning how to shoot the best moments in your home movies can be very difficult. You will need to learn how to recognize something of interest and how to capture it quickly on film. This will preserve your memories for all time and ensure that you always have something to remember when your kids were small.

Everybody knows someone who has hours of home videos. While there are some great moments in these a lot of it is very boring. The key is to recognise what is good and what needs to be cut out. You in fact become a movie editor yourself. There's no point making someone sit through hours of video if it's mostly boring.

Digital Recordings

The beauty of digital video cameras is that you can record as much as you like and then reuse the media time and time again. However the problem with them is that space on the tapes and recordable DVDs is limited. This means that you need to carry round a few disks or tapes with you. Another option is to be selective with what you record. If you can selectively record the right things then you will be able to fit many more precious moments onto one disk.

You can Never Have too Much

You will never be able to get too much great footage on your video camera. The more footage you have, the better chance you have of capturing something really special moments. However you won't want to make people spend hours sitting through your home movies just to have a few laughs. Instead you should condense it into a much smaller movie.

By editing and cutting out filler in your video it will be possibel to give your audience a much better experience.

Always Take Your Camera

One of the best ways to get the best shots is to always take your video camera everywhere you go. This way it will be easy to start recording the moment anything interesting happens. Many cameras also feature on screen editing which will make it possible to edit on the fly and get rid of anything you're not interested in keeping.

Setting up Great Shots

Another great way to improve the quality of your videos is to know exactly when you should record. If you are at somebodies birthday for example then this should be fairly easy to identify. Remember to start recording the moment the cake comes out.

Changing Media

The best way is to record much more than you really need. Use multiple discs, tapes or memory cards to capture the video. You will then be able to edit the video and get rid of any unwanted segments. This will then make it possible to fit the best sections of your home movie onto a DVD. You will however need to remember that you will waste some time to change the media and replace it with a new blank DVD.

Home movies are a great way to record your families special moments for all eternity. You will have great time looking back on these in the future.

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