Home Movies: Giving your Child the Camera

Learning how to capture the best home movies can take a very long time. Home movies work the best if they are unstaged and record how your family really lives. to make this possible it can actually be very tricky. One of the easiest methods is to give your child the camera.

By giving the camera to your child you will be able to see the world through their eyes. They will concentrate on the things that they like the most and do things that they think will be funny. This will create a fantastic video which will help them to remember when they were a kid when they get older.

How Old

Depending on how much you value your camcorder there's no minimum age for them to start recording. Even a toddler can have some great fun and get some interesting shots. Whether you will get your camera back intact or not will remain to be seen. The best age is probably 10 or older. By this age the children will know how to use the camera and be excited about using it.

Your children will really enjoy helping you to document their life. They will also love seeing something that they have worked so hard on when it's on the TV. They are sure to feel like superstars!

Why Get Them Involved

You might think that having a child record your home videos will not be a great idea. However it encourages them to participate and will make it much easier to get some great shots of them too. Of course you probably shouldn't let them record the whole video themselves because you can mix it in with your videos too. When kids are part of the action they are much less likely to act up or be difficult.

Neck Straps

Even if you are giving your camera to a fairly old child there's still a chance that they will drop it. The easiest way is to teach them how to use the wrist or neck straps. This will protect your camera just in case they do drop it. Also try to explain that the camcorder is delicate and needs to be looked after.

Getting Them Interested

Most children will be interested in helping you to record your home videos. If they need some convincing then you will be able to involve them in the rest of the process too. Try to explain how to edit the videos and create the perfect family video. They will also love watching their masterpiece back with you on TV. They should feel a real sense of pride.

Kid Cameras

If you want a younger child to capture some photos or videos then you could consider a kid safe camera from Fisher Price or many other similar companies. These are designed to be dropped so will live up to whatever they throw at it. This is also ideal if you don't trust them with your delicate camera. The videos can then all be mixed together on a PC. They might also find it funny to have a video of themselves pointing the camera at something else.

Getting your kids involved is a great way to make your videos much more memorable and special. This will also make it possible to get some videos of different people rather than you always being behind the camera yourself.

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