Headshot Photography: Not Just for Actors

Headshot photography involves focusing on the face of the person. It is similar to a portrait but using minimal or none of the background or related elements. In some cases, the expression on the face can be neutral. Headshots are commonly found and used when applying for a job as an actor but are not limited to just this particular field. Here are a few other areas where headshots are useful.


Corporate Use

Corporate portraits or headshots of employees are beneficial and may be used in areas related to the business such as the company website, promotion of company activities and news, annual reports for stockholders and other related formal publications. The headshots or portraits of the most important figures in the company may also be used when giving a company profile.

Marketing and Public Relations

Besides actors and celebrities, other individuals working in the entertainment industry will benefit from having their headshots taken. This includes artists, singers, comics and even writers. The specific field which the individual works will influence and change the way the headshot should look and feel, allowing the viewer to see part of the subject’s personality. For instance the headshot of country singer will differ from that of a rapper. A headshot will become part of the promotional material for the artist, making the viewer become more interested in finding out more about the person in the photograph.

Personal Use

In this day and age where the Internet and social media have become popular, the importance of a great headshot has increased. Besides sending headshots to relatives or framing them for display inside the home, headshots can also be used to give a person’s profile more personality or credibility. These can be used on online dating websites or social networking sites.