Having Indian Wedding Photos in Your Photo Portfolio

When a client is looking through various portfolios to hire a potential photographer, yours might stand out due to Indian wedding photos if included in your portfolio. Indian weddings are complex and beautiful. If you are able to truly capture an Indian wedding, then the client will understand that you have the ability to capture many special moments of a single night.

Capture the Beauty of Baraat

Baraat is a special parade in where the groom comes to the wedding venue on a horse along with his relatives and friends. The parade starts from the groom's house and people dance all the way to the venue. There are a lot of lights, and bands are hired to play music. Including pictures of Baraat will enhance your portfolio.

Take Photographs of Jaimala

This is a special custom in which the bride and groom meet for the first time on the wedding day and exchange a chain of flowers. Try to include special posed photographs of this custom.

Don't Miss the Pheras

The most important part of an Indian wedding is the Pheras, where the bride and groom exchange vows by walking seven rounds in front of fire. At this time, vermilion is also applied on the bride's head. The custom lasts for around one hour. Take special photographs of this custom, especially when vermilion is applied.

Indian weddings are known for loud and bright clothes. Take posed photographs of all the guests with the couple.