Guide to Becoming a Professional Wedding Photographer

If you’re the type of person who loves snapping pictures and capturing moments then maybe a career as a professional wedding photographer is for you. Being a photographer in this field isn’t only in a fun fast paced environment but it's also rewarding. The pictures you’ll be taking will be of people on their most special day; also, working in weddings can be fast so you're going to have to stay on your toes and be ready for anything to happen because, after all, every wedding is different. 

Tools you'll need:
SLR Camera
A Flash
Back up camera. 

Step 1 – Learn about photography. There are many different things you need to take into account when taking pictures. When shooting at a wedding your clients depend on you to know your stuff and take great photos so get a lot of practice shooting. A few places to start could be becoming a 2nd shooter for a more established photographer or you can take classes at your local Junior College or Photography School and develop a portfolio.

Step 2- Develop your own style. Your pictures should be original and fun. Clients want to see people’s emotions and feelings at their wedding not just what everything looked like.

Step 3 – The key to getting clients is to stand out. Your portfolio should have all your best pictures in it. Your portfolio is like your resume, this is what they are going to want to see before they hire you so your portfolio needs to stand out and show them you take exciting original photos.

Step 4- Network; when shooting weddings the people watching you could become your next clients so you need to maintain a fun, positive professional attitude. Carry your business cards with you everywhere. 

Step 5- There’s a fine line between a professional and amateur photographer and that’s the business part. If you want to become a pro and make the big bucks then you're going to need to take some classes in business to learn how to make profits and how to market.