Giving Your School Portrait an Action Feel

Giving any portrait action feeling isn't a difficult thing to accomplish. This can be especially useful for school portraits. Any time a child is involved with sports or other activities, capturing some photos that look as though they are in action is always desirable. Here are a few tips.

Posing on the Field

A football player may want a few photos taken while in uniform. You can give the portrait an action feel by having them utilize an easy pose that simulates the action. Standing with a football in an arm that is back as though they are about to throw it is one way of capturing these images. The same can be done with any sport.

On Stage

If a child isn't involved in field activities, maybe capturing a few photos on a stage can give the involvement a place in the photograph. An actor will enjoy performing their favorite scene in costume on stage. This can make a great portrait when done correctly.

Natural Environments

A child's unique personality will shine most when they are comfortable in their surroundings. Portraits don't have to be the traditional sit down types of photos. A portrait can be captured while they are talking with friends, involved in a hobby or even doing homework. These types of portraits not only showcase their personalities, but they give the feeling of action.

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