Giving Classic Pin Up Photography a Modern Feel

Pin up photography will always stand out as one of the best arts of photography ever made. Because of the constant demand from people who appreciated the beauty of classical items and photos during the 1960’s, pin up photography was born. Though it, photographers have been able to provide a classic feel in their photos in the modern world. Today, pin up photography has evolved because of photographers who are combining the classical pin up photography with a modern touch.

The Use of Piercings

Piercings for women were common during the 1960’s, whereas piercings for men were not. By getting a male model with a lot of piercings, you would be able to create a unique photo that would cater to both the modern and classical era. Other than that, piercings on different parts of the body should also be able to provide a modern touch to pin up photography.

The Use of Tattoos

Aside from piercings, pin up photographers can also use tattoos as a part of their photo. Like piercings, tattoos will also provide a classical pin up photo with a modern art twist. While it may be true that tattoos were used back in the olden days, they were never really used as much as they are being used today. A pin up photo with that “classical” look that most people want, along with the modern designs, appeal to a great audience in modern times.