Freelance Photography Jobs: Where to Look

Thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to find freelance photography jobs. The days of having to rely on your local newspaper and business contacts to find freelance photography jobs are over. There are some free companies out there that allow you to search for freelance photography jobs, and there are some paid companies out there that offer the same services. This guideline will go over a few of those freelance photography job websites.


Don't underestimate the power of Craigslist. Many people who are looking to hire freelance photographers will make a post on Craigslist. There are no (or low) costs to the employer for posting the job and there are no costs for you to look for freelance photography jobs, so it s a win-win for all involved parties.


Employers are allowed to post freelance photography jobs for free at iFreelance, but you will need to obtain a membership to view the jobs. There are hundreds of freelance photography jobs posted at iFreelance, so you shouldn't have a problem finding the job that is right for you. You are allowed to create your own portfolio and upload your portfolio at iFreelance, which helps you land a job that you are interested in.

Freelance Photo Jobs

Freelance Photo Jobs is one of the best free websites for finding freelance photography jobs. Freelance Photo Jobs searches the Internet for available freelance photography jobs and compiles them on their website. You are then able to review the jobs and apply for the ones that you're interested in. Freelance Photo Jobs groups their freelance photography jobs by category, such as wedding jobs and event jobs.