Freelance Photography: How to Make a Living

Making a living in freelance photography is actually harder than you might think. There are thousands of freelance photographers out there, so you need to find ways to make yourself stick out from the crowd. You need to build your portfolio up with top notch photos and let your work speak for itself. You may have to take some low paying jobs in the beginning, but that is the joy of being a freelance photographer.

Regardless of the job that you take, act professional and take the best photos that you can. It might take some time to build up a client base, but once you do, you'll find that those same clients keep coming back to you for their photography needs.

Never Turn a Job Down

Until you are a very successful freelance photographer with a booked schedule, never turn a job down. You don't know when your next job will come around, so you need to take the money while the money is being offered. Even if you have accepted a low paying freelance photography job, you want to give that job 110 percent. The reason for doing that is so you can build your portfolio. If you take awesome photos at that low paying job, you can toss those photos into your portfolio to show your experience.

You always want to please your customers, because a lot of your business will be local. To make a living in freelance photography, you will need to rely on references from your past customers. Remember, the best form of marketing is word of mouth marketing.

Make Yourself Stand Out

Making yourself stand out is harder than it sounds. Freelance photography is a very competitive business. If there are ten freelance photographers offering wedding photography in the same 100 mile radius, none of them are going to get a lot of work. You need to take a few days to find out what type of freelance photography is offered by other freelance photographers in your area. If you can establish a sector of freelance photography that isn't being offered already, jump on it. For example, if no one in your area offers freelance sport photography, then you need to. Business will be good for you if you can offer freelance photography services that make you stand out from the crowd.

Market Yourself

You must market yourself if you want to make a living off of freelance photography. Make daily or weekly postings on Craigslist that you are offering freelance photography. Take out a long term ad in your local newspaper. Building yourself a website is a must. You can use your website to post your portfolio, past customer references and contact information. You should also visit websites where freelance photography jobs are posted, such as iFreelance, Go Freelance, Freelance Photo Jobs and Freelance Photographer Jobs. If you want to make a living off of freelance photography, you need to go after the work. You can't expect the work to always come to you.