Four Christmas Card Photo Ideas for Children

A Christmas card photo is the perfect place to show off your kids. December is the one month of the year when everyone's busy lives slow down a little and people have time to reconnect with family and friends. Typically, everyone sends out a portrait of their whole family or at least photos of their kids. While it's nice to see them, some of the traditional photos are starting to look boring. Here are five Christmas card photo ideas for children that will definitely be remembered by everyone.

1. Reverse the Roles

Everyone is familiar with the image of excited children posing with an adult dressed as Santa. Why not change up that idea and have your kids dress up as Santa? Seeing young children in fake beards will make almost anyone who sees it comment on how cute they look. Plus you can be comfortable knowing that you're probably the only person sending out photos like this.

2. Digitally Add Christmas Icons

It's very easy to have your children pose with the Grinch, the claymation Rudolph or any other Christmas icon if you have Photoshop. When you're setting up the shot with your kids make sure that you have extra room to add another character. Then go online, find a great picture, cut the subject out with the magnetic lasso tool in Photoshop and drag them into your picture. Be subtle in the placement for this character. The goal should be to have the viewer do a double take.

3. Digitally Add Your Children Into Famous Christmas Scenes

This is the reverse process of suggestion 2. You can go on line and capture a still from one of your favorite holiday movies, like "The Grinch Who Stole Christmas." Use the scene when the Whos confront the Grinch and his heart grows. You can use some photo shop magic to cut your children out of existing photos and add them amongst the Whos. It's a cute idea that will amaze your children while bringing a smile to your friends and family when they open the cards. 

4. Have Pictures of Your Children Doing What They Like

Everyone makes their kids dress up and pose in the living room. The children do look nice, but those photos look like everyone elses. Your children have their own personalities and interests, why not share those with other people? If your son is into baseball then share a photo of him playing baseball. Showcase who they are.

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