Food Photography Tips for Restaurateurs

When it comes to food photography, tips are helpful to make the dishes or meals appear more sumptuous.  Readers will rely only on the visual presentation of the image in order to make a decision on whether the restaurant is worth going to. The following are a few tips in photographing foods to make them appear as delectable as possible.

1. Choose a Clean Background

Use a white background as much as possible. This creates a contrast between the subject and the background and makes the food stand out. The same goes with using plates or other elements in the composition.

2. Modify the White Balance

Adjust the camera’s white balance according to the subject. Fluorescent light can create a bluish hue, making the dish look unappetizing. Photographing meat should always be done in warmer tones.

3. Use Natural Light

Try to use natural light to illuminate the subject as much as possible. Sessions should be done near a bright window during the day. For photographing foods during the evenings, do not direct the flash towards the food. Have the light from the flash bounce off a wall or the ceiling, or use a diffuser to soften the light.

4. Use a Tripod

The functionality of a tripod should not be underestimated. Use a tripod to stabilize the shot to create clear photos.

5. Change the View

Do a medium shot to show how the entire meal looks and close-ups for detail. Shoot the subject from several angles. Play with the position or how the subject is posed. For cakes and pastries, try slicing a piece off to show the different layers and filling.