Five Tips for Getting Great Birthday Photos with a Point and Shoot

Point and shoot cameras take great photographs with minimal effort because so many of the controls are automatic. This makes it the ideal camera for shooting your average birthday photos. Here are 5 tips to make sure you're getting great birthday photos with your point and shoot.

1. Auto Focus and Low Light

Try to take photos in areas that are well lit. Not only does this make the pictures look better, but it also helps keep them in focus. Your auto focus works by determining which object in your frame is most prominent by comparing how it contrasts with everything else. In low light, it is difficult to distinguish objects from each other and you end up getting left with some pretty blurry photos. So shoot in a well lit area.

2. Try Not To Rely on the Flash

It's much better to turn a light on inside of a darkroom than to use the flash. Sure, the flash will brighten your subject, but your background will still be dark thanks to fall off. Light dissipates pretty quickly and you will see a considerable difference between someone three feet away from the camera and someone ten feet away. Try to turn on a light in the room instead to make sure you have an evenly lit photo. 

3. When Using the Flash, Shoot at an Angle

When using a simple point and shoot, it's very easy to end up with photos suffering from every photographer's bane, red eye. Red eye happens because the light from the flash bounces back from the subject's retina to the lens. Some cameras have a pre flash which causes the pupils to contract and reduce red eye, but that does not fully eliminate it. The best thing to do is shoot at angles when you're using your flash. That way you avoid the light from bouncing back at you.

4. Keep It Steady

Sometimes a camera compensates for lack of light by slowing the shutter speed. If this happens to your camera, then the slightest movement when exposing an image will cause it to become blurry. Try leaning on an object like a wall to stabilize your arm when shooting.

5. Take a Lot of Photos

To make sure you have great photos to choose from, you should have a large pool of pictures to choose from. The more that camera is in your hand, the more likely you are to capture great memories. Remember, a photo is a snap shot of time.

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